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Remaining Rohingya Trapped in Authorities’ Persecution

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 25th January 2018

Arakan: Burmese authorities trapped the remaining Rohingyas in their persecution in both Maungdaw and Buthidaung Township on 24th January 2018 complains villagers.

Since the beginning of January authorities raided the Rohingya villages in Maungdaw Township with the excuse of census and tortured them by entering every house hold.

Authorities in different Rohingya villages are demanding huge sum of money from Rohingya from families who are trying to add or remove any family member such as adding a child or a bride in the family. In each case authorities demands from 15000 Kayts.

In spite of giving bribe immigration officer from the Aung Myat Tha molested women in their checks. They forced the Rohingya females to breast feed the child in public with excuse of giving evidence as a mother.

“We are forced to undress ourselves in front of all the males and breastfeed just to prove ourselves as a mother” explains a women from the village.

Similarly in Ulafey (U La Phey) village of Buthidaung a Rohingya named Muhammed Amin S/O Abdu Jobbor was arrested at 2 AM last night (24th January) by a group of Border Guard Police (BGP) from camp no. 3.

To free him from the tortures of the BGP, village admin along with his family member went to camp where they denied to free him and answered that he needs to be investigated more. According to them he is extreme torture of the authorities now.

Similar activities are also taking place in Temma area of Buthidaung Township where Rohingya are either tortured, arrested or extorted money by the Burmese Military, Police and BGP.

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