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Relentless Attempts by Rakhine Terrorists to Conspire Violence against Rohingyas on Larger-Scale

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

20th January 2014 | Maungdaw, Arakan

Rakhine terrorists have been attempting to place a dead body of Rakhine woman in Rohingya village for days now.

On 16th January 2014 night, they tried to secretly place the corpse in the village of Gawdusara (a village neighboring Du-Chira-Dan) but it failed because of the people on sentry duty. The following night, they attempted in Nurullah village (also neighboring Du-Chira-Dan) and failed again. And again on 18th January 2014, they attempted in the village of Nyaung Chaung (Khadir Bil) and failed yet again. On 19th January 2014, they tried at the village of Bakka-Gona in northern Maungdaw. The villagers spotted and informed the nearby military camp. Tonight, they are trying to place it in the village of Kyi-Kan-Pyin (Khawar Bil). But the villagers are in alert.

By now, you may have well understood why Rakhine terrorists are attempting to place the corpse in any possible Rohingya village.

Therefore, we request to the concerned authority to take effective actions against these terrorists that are relentlessly trying to trigger violence against innocent Rohingyas on a larger scale. Simultaneously, we request international community to take practical measures against Myanmar Regime to make it a responsible goverment.

Moreover, there have some officials from UNOCHA arrived in Maungdaw to observe the situation. However, Maungdaw authority has not given him permission to proceed to the village of Du-Chira-Dan. You can understand why the are blocking his access. Sociopath Myanmar Regime lied with a straight face that no one was killed or no damage was done in the village. If what they say is true, why don’t they allow him to visit the place?



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