Recurring Money extortion by BGP and Village Head from Rohingyas

By Shuaib August 15, 2016 18:22

Recurring Money extortion by BGP and Village Head from Rohingyas

ButhidaungRecently, extortion of money by the village heads with the help of Border Guard Police (BGP) has taken a bitter and horrible shape in the minds of the innocent and helpless Rohingya people in Buthidaung, Arakan.

At night on 12 August, six policemen from the camp of Nyaung Chaung entered into No.2 Bolifara under Du U Thei Ma on excuse of arresting Rohingya people who re-entered from Bangladesh. Seeing them, some people got frightened and tried to run away from their sight. But the police chased and caught three of them on the baseless allegation of fleeing, said a local.

The arrested Rohingyas were taken to the house of the village head and detained there for the whole night. Next day morning, the head released them on bail so that they could manage 150 thousands Kyats ($ 150) each for him and the police.

The insolvent Rohingyas gathered the amount selling the rice stored for the families and handed the money to the village head. Now their families are in  hardship and sometimes, they are passing days and nights without touching food, he added. The victims are:

1) Abdullah, aged 25, son of Abdul Zabber,

2) Abdullah, aged 30, son of Hanfuru and

3) Ashu Ali, aged 40, son of Sultan

As the authorities repeatedly extort money from the Arakanese Rohingya people on made-up issues, most of them are almost dying without having food and it is what the government wants which is an effective way of genocide.

 Edited by: M. Shuaib

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By Shuaib August 15, 2016 18:22

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