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Reckless Gunfire by Myanmar’s BGP Kills a Rohingya Farmer

By MYARF & M.S. Anwar

1:00AM (Myanmar Time), Monday, August 25, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State ׀

The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) opened fire at a Rohingya farmer in southern Maungdaw last Saturday night as they failed to arrest two other bypassing Rohingyas for ransom, hence causing the poor man’s death, say the locals of Maungdaw.

The victim is identified to be U Abdul Hoaque (son of) U Mohammed Jalil and a father of two children. He hailed from Zaydi Pyin hamlet of Kyauk Pandu village tract, southern Maungdaw

Abdul Hoque (Age 35) was deliberately killed by Myanmar's Border Guard Police
Abdul Hoque (Age 35) was deliberately killed by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police

“U Abdul Hoque, a farmer, owned few acres of agricultural lands. It was around 9:30PM on August 23 that he was going to another part of the village to hire some farmers so as to cultivate paddy on his lands the next day. There were two more people, unknown to him, bypassing him and along the village street at the same time.

The Border Guard Police (BGP) called the two people from their camp across the street. However, the two ran men away as the police have been notorious for arbitrarily arresting and torturing innocent people for ransom. The police, desperate and angry for failing to arrest the two people, wantonly began firing at the unconcerned man, U Abdul Hoque. A bullet hit at his lower back and came out from other side of the body penetrating all through.

Then, the police phoned their main station at Inn Dinn village. After a while, a police motor-vehicle arrived at the village and took him to Maungdaw General Hospital without informing his family. It was 2AM Sunday by the time they arrived at the hospital. Although the police informed the doctor in-charge of the hospital, Dr. Kyaw Maung Maung Thein infamous as a racist Rakhine, about the emergency, the doctor chose to ignore the case.

On Sunday early morning, the victim’s family arrived at the hospital. And then, the doctor arrived at 10AM. The doctor checked him up in a room and gave him only an injection. Coming back to his room after 30 minutes, the doctor asked the nurses whether or not he died. The nurses replied that he didn’t.

Upon that, the doctor ignored to treat him and left the room. No doctor or nurse gave any more treatment to him. Therefore, he faced an untimely demise around 6:40PM of the day” said an eyewitness declining to be named.

“Then, when the family tried to take his corpse away for a proper burial, the authority at the hospital prevented them from doing so saying that there would be higher officials from BGP headquarter (in Kyikan Pyin village).

Few officials arrived and said to the family ‘we will only allow you to take the corpse once you sign an agreement that you won’t try to lodge any complaint and inform anyone. How do you name this kind of injustice? It’s more than double victimization of injustices” the person exclaimed.

The above-mentioned doctor, Dr. Kyaw Maung Maung Thein, has some similar past records of killing Rohingya patients especially after the violence against Rohingyas erupted in June 2012. Read an earlier report here: Rohingya Teenager Die after Injections by a Racist Rakhine Doctor

Also watch the video of the last moments of Adbul Hoque: 

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