RVISION September 5, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV | 5th Sept, 2017

Arakan: Since Early morning Burmese forces started their genocidal atrocities on the remaining villages of Maungdaw, leaving the little remaining Rohingyas terrified and forcing them to flee their land, reports eyewitnesses.

According to updates received today (5th Sept, 2017) at 10 AM Military started placing mine bomb in the area of Tongburu & Dhaibonna since last 2 days, where a Rohingya woman and man is critically injured and lost their legs in this military made incidence. Now both victims are lingering in critical condition and are in need of immediate medical assistance. More Rohingyas are expected to be killed or injured by those mines according to villagers who witnessed the placing of explosives by the military.

Earlier at 5 AM Military started to blaze Goinnafara of Sheweza, Maungdaw township, which was untouched by the military since 25th August. Massive fire have now burnt more than 27 houses , including a Religious school.

Similar incidence happened yesterday (4th Sept, 2017) at 6 PM, where Burmese forces started to blaze a village in Kilaidong, Maungdaw and left entire villagers in panic, fearing for further attacks. On the same day at 5 PM they started to torch Rohingya’s houses in Sorfordilbil, after entirely blazing the Naribil village of Maungdaw.

Since early morning military started their brutal operation on Rohingya. At afternoon at 2 PM Military burnt down the remaining houses in Bakkaguna, Maungdaw, which was earlier blazed to maximum. Earlier at 1 PM they started burning Nurullah village of Baggona, Maungdaw, where the remaining Rohingyas are extremely terrified and are fleeing the current military made catastrophe.

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