msa August 3, 2013

Compiled by MYARF

Reporting from Maung Daw, Arakan

3rd August 2013

Plight of the Natural Disaster-Hit Rohingya Victims in Maung Daw

The bank of the Phruu Maa’ River in Northern Maung Daw is collapsing into the river year by year. The land disintegration takes place especially in rainy season rendering many Rohingya families homeless. The displaced Rohingya families are currently living in Quarter 2, Maung Daw. The Maung Daw authority is not giving permissions to local Rohingyas to build houses for the displaced families even on their own cost. As a result, the helpless Rohingya families are preparing to leave their land for India.

Rakhine Police’s Tortures Against Rohingyas and their Extortion Business

1) On 9th July 2013, Racist Rakhine Police arrested Mohammed Ayub S/o Shukkor Ali in Shikdar Fara (Myoma Kayintan) on his way to the downtown of Maung Daw. He hails from the village of Laambaguna (ZawMaHtet). He was arrested with a usual lame accusation of involvement in setting Rakhines’ houses into fire. He was beaten and tortured. He was released after an extortion of Kyat 50,000. The arrest took place right in front of the Maung Daw Administration Office.

2) At 9PM on 21st July 2013, Rakhine Police at Maw Ywa Station, Dang Khali (Pa Nyaung Pingyi), Southern Maung Daw, arrested four Rohingya religious scholars on their way back home from Mosque. They are:

1) Mv Noor Alom s/o Fazol Ahmed

2) Mv Idiris s/o Noor Salam

3) Mv Zahid Hussein s/o Kamal Hussein

4) Mv Mamed Noor s/o Harsumia 

The Police were arrested them for no reason and extorted Kyat 12,000 from each for their respective releases.

3) The Rakhine Police from the same Police station mentioned above (at No. 2) arrested Zafar Alam S/o Abdu Manaf hails from the village of Daang Khali (Pa Nyaung Pingyi), Southern Maung Daw at 5PM n 26th July 2013. He was reportedly arrested as he was carrying the timber blocks he had bought in the village of Gawdusara, southern Maung Daw, to repair his fishing boat. He was tortured the whole night and released the next day after the extortion of two cocks.

Military Also in the Money Extortion Business

On 27th July 2013 night, Zakhir Ahmed S/o Abubakar Siddque from the village of Madhilla of Bagguna village tract was interrogated by the military while he was on his sentry duty. The military seized his mobile phone and also arbitrarily extorted Kyat 60,000 from him. Besides, an ex-collaborator of the abolished NaSaKa, Hashimullah S/o Mv Ali Ahmed from the village of Gojjondia, Padin village tract, southern Maung Daw has resumed torturing innocent villagers and money extortion business in collaboration with Military and HlunTin (Security Force) and Police in Maggyi Chaung (Faatonza) Camp.

A Rohingya Disappeared by Rakhine Extremists

At 5PM on 29th July 2013, in front of Myoma Buddhist Monastery at Min Ba Gyi in Maung Daw, while two Rakhines on their motorbikes were trying to overtake a Rohingya trishaw (tricycle), they hit the trishaw and one of them got injured in his forearm. Immediately, some Rakhine extremists including Police came out from the temple and dragged the Rohingya trishaw owner into the monastery by force. Since then, noting has been heard about him. He has been out of contact with his family.



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