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RBC Donated 350 Bath houses in Tenghali Makeshift Camp

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 10th November, 2017

Cox’s Bazar: Rohingya Business club (RBC) along with Hakim Solidarity Organization donated to build 350 bath houses in the Tanghali makeshift camp of Ukiya, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, where more than 600, 00 newly arrived Rohingyas are lingering with all for of Humanitarian needs.

A set of members from RBC and Hakim Solidarity Organization paid a visit to the Rohingya makeshift camps on 12th October, 2017, where they distributed rations to 1000 Families with the help of Bangladesh army.

During that period they took approval from Bangladesh Army to build separate bath houses for men and women and water pumps in the area. Following their approval under the supervision of Bangladesh army more than 350 bath houses have been built in the area of Tenghali makeshift camps.

The bath house construction work was completed on 9th November, 2017 and have been inaugurated immediately for all the 600, 00 Rohingyas residing in this camp. “Earlier we had to queue up a long and wait under the sun to fetch water and take a bath, but now we can easily do that” says an elderly women from the camp after thanking the group for their noble cause.



Rohingya Business Club (RBC) is a club formed by the Rohingya businessmen across the diaspora, and they have been pioneer in humanitarian cause for all the Rohingyas in need of immediate assistance around the world.

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