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Rakhines Trained with Arms by Burmese Authority Against Rohingya

By RVision TV | 7th August 2017

Maungdaw: Rakhines (Moghs) have jointly been participating with Burmese brutal authorities in the operations against Rohingyas under the region of Maungdaw and Rathedaung, where they have accelerated their cruel acts from looting to gunfire training, report the suffering locals.

On 6th August, a group of BGP and military arrived in the village of Kyangdaung in Rathedaung Township at midnight. Then, they left it after a heavy patrolling all around, creating an ambience of fear and panic in the entire village.

Later, with the advantage of the situation, the Moghs (Rakhine) started to loot the Rohingya properties like fishing boats and domestic animals. Their looting clearly indicated their involvement with the authorities, whom are set free by the government authorities to scapegoat the Rohingyas from all directions.

The Rohingyas  in Rathedaung township have been isolated since 2012. And now even in the new wave of violence since Oct 2016, the local Rohingyas have been starving without having access to daily livelihood. Moreover, they have been abandoned from reaching the humanitarian assistance due to restriction of the authorities and the local Moghs.

In Another separate incidence, the extremists Rakhine are being trained by the BGP in the police station of Ye Mya Taung village of northern Maungdaw Township since 1st August 2017.

According to the locals, 100 of Moghs are being trained in firing and using the machine guns each day. And their plan is to train the inhabitants of the Mogh villages, one after another, in an organized way.

These types of incidences and the fearful sounds of the machine guns have created a dreadful situation all over the nearby Rohingya villages, where they are in extreme fear and misery of the upcoming plans of the Rakhines along with Burmese authorities.

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