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Rakhines Demand Guns to Prey Rohingyas, Vow to Drive out INGOs

RVision TV News

8th August, 2017

Sittwe – The leading personnel of the Rakhines (Moghs) held a meeting recently in the city Switte (Akyab) and decided to demand guns from the government so that they can prey the Rohingyas daily after driving out the International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs), reports a reliable source.

The meeting was held on 6, August at the premises of a Buddhist temple situated in Sittwe.

 In the meeting, the attendees passed 3 resolutions to claim unequivocally from the Burma government. They are:

  1. To render safety for Buddhist Rakhines (Moghs) only,
  2. To provide guns as much as necessary to prey the Rohingyas after driving out INGOs and NGOs and
  3. To identify nationality swiftly according to 1982 Constitution which is designed to exclude the Rohingyas from nationality.

The meeting was presided by the extremist monks and the attendees were about 350-400 Rakhine people.

All the attendees have bowed to carry on processions with acceleration against the Non-government Organizations (NGOs), especially International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) until it becomes compulsory for them to leave Rakhine State (Arakan).

“If they succeed in driving out the INGOs, they can easily exterminate the whole Rohingya community from Arakan where no one will be eye witness of the genocide,” said a local human rights activist.

The people in the meeting focused on two incidents- one that took place in Maungdaw and another in Rathedaung.

A few days ago, six members of Mro, the hill-tribe, were killed mercilessly in Maungdaw which was reportedly committed by Rakhine terrorist group, Na Ta La villagers. Na Ta La are the villages which have been settled by Myanmar government on the lands of the Rohingyas by bringing rude, cruel and uncivilized Buddhists from other sides of the country or the Bangladeshi Buddhist Marmas or Moghs.

For this case, local authorities and the Rakhines are accusing the Rohingya insurgent group baselessly but purposely.

Since 3rd August, Border Guard Police (BGP), Military and some Rakhine extremist have jointly been blocking a Rohingya village named Kyaung Taung under Rathedaung Township where people are groaning for not getting foods.

During the time, authorities and the Buddhist extremists attacked them and fired some people leaving them in critical conditions on 4th August. Being intolerance, villagers stood against the attackers and drove them out of the village.

Following those two baseless events, the local authorities are giving arm training to the Moghs and now, on the pretext of self-safety, they put a demand for providing guns to them from the government so that they can hunt Rohungyas to cause their extinction.

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