msa December 29, 2014

By Saiful Rohin

Rathedaung, Arakan (Rohingy Vision) — Rakhine terrorists killed an innocent Rohingya fisherman in Rathedaung township of Arakan state last night, according to a reliable source.

It has been learnt that the victim was Abdul Hafiz, 45, from Rohingya hamlet of Sin Kon Taing village, Rathedaung Township.

“Abdul Hafiz (son of) TaJ Mulluk is a poor Rohingya fisherman from Sin Kon Taing village. He was killed by some Rakhine terrorists while he went for fishing for their survival December 29 midnight.

Upon his not returning home the following morning, the villagers together with his family members in three groups went to the nearby river in search of him. Unfortunately, Abdul Hafiz was found dead in a stream nearby Zeyar Myaing Rakhine village. His chest and head were seriously wounded by injuries. Then, he was brought to his home by the villagers at about 9am in the morning.

At about 11:00AM, Captain U Wa Nan, the military commander from ‘O Pho’ Infantry Unit, arrived at the victim’s home for further inquiry and investigated about the possible killer of the innocent person.

He asked the villagers ‘if you want to file a case against and prosecute the killers, we will proceed with the case.’

Even though it was highly likely that some Rakhine terrorists killed him, people were skeptical about the exact killers of Abdul Hafiz. Therefore, the people were reluctant to file any case against the killers because his family was financially not in good position to continue prosecution.

Upon that, the military commander said ‘you have to give me Kyat 100,000 and a written statement that no one killed him; and he got drowned in the river and died by himself. Hence, the death was accidental. Then, I will allow you to bury the dead body.’

Abdul Hafiz left a wife, 8 daughters and a little baby boy behind. His whole family depends on his daily income” said a local Rohingya in Rathedaung.   

The villagers raised money to fulfill the demand made by the military commander and gave 10000 kyats to him. So, the dead body was handed over to the villagers.

His funeral was arranged in his village. At about 4pm Myanmar Standard Time, his funeral was completed” he continued.

“The incident reportedly happened in relation to the forthcoming visit to Rathedaung by the chairman of the House of Nationalities, U Khin Aung Myint, and U Htay Win, a Rohingya MP on December 30.

They are to hold a meeting in the township and some Rohingya elders from Sin Kon Taing village were also invited on top of the Rakhine community elders. Therefore, some Rakhine extremists have become sensitive and angered with the invitation of the Rohingya elders. So, they have started attacking Rohingyas by various means” another local Rohingya said on the condition of anonymity.  

There are 24 Rohingya villages in Rathedaung and three of them were uprooted by the Rakhine terrorists in 2012 violence and most of the villages were affected and innocent people were brutally murdered and jailed.Rathedaung-12

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