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Rakhine Terroists Kill an Internally Displaced Rohingya in Pauktaw

M.S. Anwar | November 2, 2013

Pauktaw, Arakan- Around 1PM on 2nd November 2013, Rakhine terrorists killed an internally diaplced Rohingya in the forest nearby the village of Sin-Htet-Maw (Sandama), Pauktaw township. Later, the shoot out by the Military and Hlun Hteins (Secuirty Force) at the crowd critically injured five more internally displaced Rohingyas.

“Five Rohingyas from the IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps at Sin-Htet-Maw (Sandama) went to the forest to collect woods at 6AM on 2nd November 2013. After a few hours, around nine Rakhine terrorists appeared and attacked them using swords and daggers. They defended against the attackers with the falchions (a type of sword used to cut wood) they had. Hence, the Rakhine terrorists ran away.

Unfortunately, at around 1PM of the day, another Rohingya going to the forest stream for fishing encountered with the terrorists. The terrorists inhumanely slaughtered the man and threw the body into the stream. His name is Nur Hassan S/o ? (Age around 40) from the Sin-Htet-Maw IDP Camp. He had been starving for days and went to the forest to look for some food such as fish and others. The terrorists are members of Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP).

Some people spotted his dead body. Thus, many people from IDP went there to pick up his dead body. And Milatry and Hlun Hteins (Security Force) started shooting at the crowd. Consequently, five people critically injured” said a Rohingya in the IDP camp.

Pauktaw Township, Arakan State
Pauktaw Township, Arakan State




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