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Rakhine State Government to Make ‘MaKhaPha’ a New ‘NaSaKa’

M.S. Anwar


September 18, 2013

The department of NaSaKa (the border security force in Arakan) was disbanded by the government of Myanmar on 12th July 2013. (My analysis immediately after the abolishment of NaSaKa can be read HERE.) Rohingya people in Arakan became happy thinking that they would have ease and relieves from the much restrictions imposed by NaSaKa. Their happiness proved temporary. Soon, the government of Myanmar announced that a new department called MaKhaPha (can loosely be translated as ‘Illegal Immigration Prevention Group) would replace NaSaKa. Rohingyas are afflicted with anxiety and sorrow again.

However, the central of Government of Myanmar meant MaKhaPha‘ departmentonly to look after the border affairs. That means that MaKhaPhadoes not have such authority NaSaKa had over Rohingyas as restriction of movement and marriage, control on Rohingya families and population, licensing for their livestocksand other forms of persecutions. Therefore, it is apparently easy for Rohingyas to live under MaKhaPha as they will have less restrictions compared to the time of NaSaKa. Nonetheless, there are some parties discontented with the ease of some restrictions against Rohingyas. They are none but RNDP (Rakhine National Development Party) led Rakhine State Government.

Subsequently, Rakhine State Government have given more authority to Police and Hlun Htein (Security Force) [these two departments in Arakan are mostly composed of Rakhine extremists) to persecute Rohingyas. Hence, that may be why you have been reading various reports on atrocities by Rakhine Police and Hlun Htein against Rohingyas in last two months. Meanwhile, Rakhine State Government temporarily gave authority to the village administration to issue marriage permits. (A report can be read here.) In this regard, Rakhine State Administration has been conspiring to bring back NaSaKa-time-atrocities through the newly set up ‘MaKhaPha’ department.

On 12th Septemeber 2013, representatives from Rakhine State Government and MaKhaPha jointly summoned meetings with Rohingya elders at every NaSaKa regional camp in Maung Daw Township. In the meeting, they declared that MaKhaPha would replace NaSaKa and have authority over Rohingya community as NaSaKa had. Any Rohingya who fails to comply with the rules of MaKhaPha will be liable to punishments. At the same time, it was said that MaKhaPha would handle the matters and deal with Rohingyas in a pleasant way. But this was exactly how NaSaKa started their atrocities some 20 years ago. NaSaKa gently started to pursuade Rohingyas to follow their rules and simultaneously used the threats against Rohingyas when they failed to comply with their orders. Then, NaSaKa gradually became an exterminating machine and involved in genocidal atrocities.

Hence, it is to inform the central government of Myanmar that Rakhine State Government is trying to overtake the command (of the central government) by trying to make ‘MaKhaPha’ a new ‘NaSaKa.’

It is to inform International Community that NaSaKa institution might have been abolished but the same NaSaKa officers are still there in different uniforms persecuting Rohingyas like never before.

It is to urge Rohingya community in Arakan to neither simply fall into the trap of MaKhaPha set up Rakhine State Government nor fear of any of their threats. Because MaKhaPha may become more cruel (under the direction of Rakhine State Government) and inhumane than NaSaKa was!!!