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Rakhine Rioters Torch Rohingya Properties in Kyauktaw

By Kadir

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kyauktaw, Arakan– Around 3:00AM on 8th April 2014, a singing and dancing competition was held among Rakhines in the village of Sa-Thar-Chi in Kyauktaw township. Being high on alchohol, they danced, sang, rioted and finally torched Rohingya properties in the village of Shwe Hlaing.

“A competition of singing and dancing was held in the village of Sa-Thar-Chi at 3AM on 8th April 2014. The lyrics were full of anti-Rohingya or anti-Muslim hatred. The songs were composed fousing on killing Rohingyas and destroying Rohingya community. They were so high on alchohol that they rioted and finally attempted to torch Rohingya properties in the village of Shwe Hlaing (Milimaw).

As they entered the village of Shwe Haling, people woke up. So, they could not torch homes or other valuable structures. They were just able to torch hay-stacks by the village” said a villager.

“We don’t have good communication system here. No foreign obsevers or International NGOs can come here either. When the Rakhine extremists attack us again, only God knows what the consequences will be” he exclaimed. Watch the video of the burning haystack. It was torched by Rakhine rioters.