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Rakhine Officials Carrying Out Mass-Arrests of Kaman Muslims in Thandwe

M.S. Anwar| November 6, 2013

A Muslim man searches for his belongings in his burnt home outside Thandwe (Photo: Soe Zeya Tun/Reuters)

 During three-day-spate of one-sided violence by Rakhine terrorists against Kaman Muslims in Thandwe township, Arakan state, from 29th September 2013 to 1st October 2013, around 40 Muslims were killed, one mosque and more than 100 Muslim houses were razed. Hence, the central government of Myanmar had to order Rakhine State Government led by Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) to arrest those responsible for the violence and charge them according to the law.

81 people were arrested for causing violence and subsequently charged under Section 302 (Murder Case) and Section 436 (Setting Houses into Fire). Of them, 69 people were Rakhine extremists and other 12 were Kaman Muslims. However, Rakhine State Government arrested 69 Rakhines not because it wanted to punish the criminals but because it had to follow the order of the central government. Rakhine State Government, in its perspective, had to arrest Rakhines because of Muslims, not because of their crimes. Therefore, the dissatisfied state government had been constantly attempting to arrest and torture already victimized Muslims in Thandwe township.

Eventually, on 5th November 2013, Rakhine State Government unleashed its another ugly side. Thandwe Police started raiding Kaman villages such as Thabbru-Chaing and Lin-Thi and arresting Muslims arbitrarily. Yesterday alone, (i.e. on 5th November 2013), 8 innocent Muslims were arrested from the village of Thabbru-Chang and other 14 from the village of Lin-Thi. (The details of the arrested people and latest reports will be posted soon).

“We are really afraid now. They are arresting us for no reason. Many people are hiding out in jungles. We don’t know when it will end. We request the central government of Myanmar to take action against the savage Rakhine officials in Arakan state” exclaimed an elderly Kaman.



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