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Rakhine Nurses Murder a Pregnant Rohingya Woman in Sittwe Hospital

By SR Sittwe

Thursday, April 10, 2014

(Kindly Scroll down to listen to the interviews of the caretaker and the husband of the deceased. The detailed translationsof the interviews are given after the respective links to audio clips.)

Hasina Begum (age 28), two moths pregnant and a mother of a child, was killed by Rakhine nurses in sittwe general hospital (Photo: SR Sittwe)
Hasina Begum (age 28), two moths pregnant and a mother of a child, was killed by Rakhine nurses in sittwe general hospital (Photo: SR Sittwe)

Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan– On 8th April 2014 night, Rakhine nurses killed a pregnant Rohingya woman in Sittwe General hospital, Arakan state. She was admitted to the hospital on 5th April 2014 for a disease related to difficulties in urinating. The eye-witness (the caretaker of the patient) believes the nurses killed her as per the instructions by the doctor-incharge of the hospital.

“Hasina Begum (Age 28), daughter of U Baadu @Bodi Alam and spouse of U Shuna Meah @Shomsul Alam, was an internally displaced Rohingya living in the camps of Thanban Ywa (Sommonnya) Lathama of Thay Chaung village tract, Sittwe (Akyab) township. Her father is living under under paralyzed condition in the camps of Depaing (Refot Baariza) Camps. She’s two-monthts pregnant and also a mother of six-year-old child, Maung Phoe Lwin. They are originally from the village of Narzi, now razed and non-existent.

She was admitted to Sittwe General hospital on 5th April 2014 for a disease related to difficulties in urinating. She became alright by 8th April 2014. But just before her discharge from the hospital, around 9PM on 8th April 2014, two Rakhine nurses arrived at her room in the hospital. When they were about to give her an injection, the caretaker of the her (the patient) told the nurses that she became alright and hence no further injection was needed.

Therefore, these nurses beat her (the caretaker of the patient) up and bit her ears. Then, they forcibly gave the injection to the patient saying ‘will you still claim to be Rohingya?’ Just three minutes after the injection, she passed away. And her body was discharged at 2PM on 9th April 2014″ said an internally displaced Rohingya in Sittwe.

“The caretaker of the patient, Jamila Begum (i.e. a cousin sister of the patient), believes the nurses killed her as per the instructions by the doctor-incharge of the hospital. And these sorts of heart-wrenching cases are very frequent here. They don’t discharge any Rohingya patients alive from the hospital. Can anybody stop these ruthless brutalities?” she exclaimed.

Caretaker of the patient that witnessed the murder!! Sitting by the patient's coprse in black scarf. (Photo: SR Sittwe)
Caretaker of the patient that witnessed the murder!! Sitting by the patient’s coprse in black scarf. (Photo: SR Sittwe)

Listen to Clip #1 (Interview with the Caretaker of the patient, Jamilah Begum)

Translation of Clip #1

00:04-00:06 Sister, what’s your name? (Interveiwer)

00:06-00:08 Jamilah Begum. (Interviewee)

00:09-00:11 What’s your age? (Interveiwer)

00:11-00:13 Age? 30. (Interviewee)

00:14-00:15 (What’s your) father’s name? (Interveiwer)

00:15-00:16 Bodi Alam, the name of father of the deceased person! (Interviewee)

00:17-00:18 So, sister you stay here, don’t you? (Interveiwer)

00:18-00:19 Yes. (Interviewee)

00:19-00:21 In Guallya Dil (Thay Chaung) Camps? (Interveiwer)

00:21-00:22 Yes. (Interviewee)

00:22-00:25 How are you related to the deceased (the then patient)? (Interveiwer)

00:26-00:28 She’s my first cousin. (Interviewee)

00:29-00:36 What did you experience in the hospital? How did they treat your deceased cousin? Please tell us a bit. (Interveiwer)

00:37-00:39 She was admitted to Depaing Hospital first. (Interviewee)

Listen to Clip #2 (Responses by Jamilah Begum, the interviewee)

Translation of Clip #2

00:00-00:03 I asked “Why do you lie to me? Please tell me the truth.”

00:03-00:06 She replied “if I tell you the truth, you will too die with her.

00:06-00:09 If you are too much on this, we can’t save you.

00:09-00:12 If they give an injection to you as well, what can we do?

00:13-00:14 Saying so, they prepared noodles for me.

00:14-00:16 Have this and keep your mind cool.

00:16-00:18 We will finish everything by tonight.

00:19-00:21 After that! It was around 3AM.

00:22-00:25 Three to four senior doctors arrived.

00:23-00:25 They checked her up.

00:25-00:27 Then, they told me “you don’t worry. You can go back tomorrow.”

00:28-00:30 They were telling me.

00:30-00:32 The police guards were keeping an eye on me.

00:33-00:38 And the police said “let us have snaps. You look after it for while.”

00:39-00:40 And they got up.

00:40-00:42 Whether you do it or not, we have to keep our eyes on it.

00:43-00:52 Because if any animals cross over a corpse, it may get its life back.

00:53-00:59 And they were keeping their eyes on it.

00:59-01:00 Some of them called up four (Hindu) cleaners.

01:01-01:06 Police told the cleaners “One of these mother-fucking bitches has died. What have to do with her corpse? Where have we to throw it at?”

01:06-01:09 I could do nothing but observing what they were doing.

01:10-01:19 Then, I told the cleaners “brothers, please do not throw the corpse at an inmproper place. And please keep it at a place in my sight. If I need to pay money to you, I will. I beg of you.”

01:20-01:22 One of them said “we can’t do as you say.”

01:22-01:29 Another (from the Hindu cleaner group) said “OK. We will keep it at a place where you get it back. Sister, don’t cry. We don’t feel good.”

01:29-01:32 I asked “brother, how much do I need to pay?”

01:33-01:34 Kyat 15,000.

01:34-01:45 I said “we don’t have Kyat 15,000 to give. We have Kyat 10,500. Please take them.”

01:46-01:55 They were handling the corpse rougly, improperly and inhumanely.

01:56-01:58 I asked why are handling it like this? It is hurting.

01:58-02:02 Police said “she has died. Do you to die as well?”

02:02-02:05 I replied “do you want to kill me? Kill me!

02:05-02:07 So that we sisters can unite!”

02:07-02:10 As I said so, one of them started looking at me astonishingly.

02:10-02:15 They took away the corpse. When they came back, I asked them where they kept her. They told me the place.

02:15-02:26 They have dragged her corpse!! They beat and slapped a corpse!!!

02:27-02:29 So, they nurses beat you too?

02:29-02:35 They slapped me and beat me until I lost my sense. I was bleeding. My sisters cleaned them up.

02:38-02:40 When did your sister die?

02:41-02:42 Around 1:30AM.

02:43-02:46 Who brough you here, then? Police?

02:47-02:53 I asked a policeman “Saya, what will we do? Please send us to our place.”

02:54-03:01 He replied “how can we send you? Even when they find us talking to you, we will be in grave trouble.”

03:02-03:08 I said “if help us in going back, we will try to give you Kyat 100,000 after being there.”

03:09-03:11 “Please try to send us safe and sound because it’s night.”

03:12-02:17 They replied “even when you give Kyat 1,500,000, we can’t you there.”

03:18-03:21 As soon as he said so, Rakhine doctors and nurses arrived there in crowd.

03:22-03:23 Then, the policeman said “did you see how many they are?”

03:24-03:27 So, I was praying to Allah!

03:27-03:32 I was wondering “the one who died is the past. What if they attack me?”

03:32-03:35 The police said “they can’t kill you.

03:36-03:44 As long as you are here, they can’t kill you.”

03:45-03:48 As long as we are here, we will be with you.”

03:49-03:53 When it was 10AM, they said “we will take you away from here.”

03:54-04:01 And a Rakhine nurse arrived and said “you f****ng bitches, go away. If you die, then die. What can we do?”

04:02-04:05 Another Rakhine nurse arrived and asked “what the hell are you?”…

04:05-04:20 Phone Ringing Disturbances………..

04:21-04:30 It was around 11AM. The nurse asked others “where do have to send this Kular- mar to? We have to call the nurse (with glass) and send her out by keeping us amidst us.”

04:31-04:44 Then, they send me out.

Listen to Clip #3, Interview with the husband of the deceased!

Translation of the Clip #3

00:00-00:03 What’ your name, brother? (Interveiwer)

00:03-00:04 Shomsul Alam! (Interviewee)

00:04-00:05 What’s your age? (Interveiwer)

00:06-00:07 29. (Interviewee)

00:07-00:08 What’s your father’s name? (Interveiwer)

00:09-00:10 Mohammed Amin. (Interviewee)

00:12-00:14 Is the deceased your wife? (Interveiwer)

00:14-00:15 Yes. (Interviewee)

00:16-00:17 So, what’s your wife’s name? (Interveiwer)

00:17-00:19 Hasina Begum. (Interviewee)

00:19-00:20 What could be her age? (Interveiwer)

00:20-00:21 28. (Interviewee)

00:21-00:24 What’s her father’s name? (Interveiwer)

00:24-00:25 Bodi Alam! (Interviewee)

00:26-00:27 Where did you use to stay? (Interveiwer)

00:28-00:32 In Sakki Fara (Thakkay Pyin) Camps. (Interviewee)

00:32-00:33 What’s camp number? (Interveiwer)

00:33-00:38 Camp no. 83. (Interviewee)

00:39-00:44 Why was she admitted to the hospital? For what illness? (Interveiwer)

00:44-00:48 She was having difficulties in urinating. Sorts of urinary tract related problems.

00:51-00:54 She was suffering too much.

00:54-01:02 So, with the reference of the doctor incharge of the hospital, we sent her to the (Sittwe) hospital.

01:04-01:05 Doctor incharge of which hospital? (Interveiwer)

01:05-01:08 Doctor incharge of the Depaing hospital. (Interviewee)

01:08-01:09 When did you see the doctor? (Interveiwer)

01:10-01:13 The day before yesterday. (Interviewee)

01:13-01:14 So, the doctor checked her up? (Interveiwer)

01:14-01:15 Yes.

01:16-01:17 What did the doctor say after checking up? (Interveiwer)

01:18-01:24 Doctors said “she is serious. We can’t do anything here. She needs to get admitted to the general hospital. We are signing the papers and taking the responsibility. Nothing will happen.” (Interviewee)

01:25-01:29 They issued a reference letter and we got sent her to the hospital by bus believing in what they said.”

01:29-01:33 We got her admitted ont the same day.

01:34-01:43 Around 12PM to 1PM of the day.

01:45-01:52 So, they killed her without giving any treatment??? (Interveiwer)

01:52-02:00 After she reached to the hospital, we called the hospital to ask about her situation. They said “she’s OK. Nothing will happen. We assure you that. (Interviewee)

02:01-02:05 We will discharge her tomorrow. She has relived.”

02:06-02:12 They asked us to receive her from the hospital of Depaing today.

02:12-02:19 We went to the Depaing hospital. We were wondering why she was not arriving.

02:19-02:24 And suddenly we got a call informing us that she passed away.

02:24-02:26 They killed her.

02:27-02:29 We thought she just passed away naturally.

02:30-02:31 Her corpse was brought home.

02:32-02:34 As we went through her dead body, we saw it was full of severe injuries.

02:34-02:40 They beat her. They twisted and almost cutt off her ears with doctor’s hand tools. They squashed her body.

02:41-02:44 They inserted tools into her ears and made it swallowed inside.

02:45-02:51 I don’t know they could be so cruel to her. They could have beaten her even after death.

02:52-05:56 They might have squezeed her neck and throat. That turned her face into black.

02:57-02:59 It was said the nurses did that.

02:59-03:01 Since her corpse was on clothes, we didn’t see much injuries initially.

03:01-03:10 I got almost fainted seeing so many injuries when we prepared to clean her dead body for burial. There is no place on her body where she had no injuries. They stroke using barb wires.

03:11-03:19 I can’t console myself how they could be so cruel to make her body into pieces internally!

03:21-03:27 Her dead body became so fragile that we could not even properly handle her while we were cleaning. When we touched her body, flesh got torn off!!

03:28-03:32 How they could torture a human being like that!! So cruel and inhumane!!!

03:33-03:34 They are so cruel to us because we are Rohingyas!! (Interveiwer)

03:35-03:40 They tortured her saying “bloody Rohingyas, now suffer!”

03:40-03:42 You don’t worry brother! God is there! He will punish the oppressors! She will be considered a martyr. (Interveiwer)