Rakhine Man Create Ruckus for Rohingya Villagers

By December 22, 2015 23:29

Rakhine Man Create Ruckus for Rohingya Villagers

By Rohingya Mirror

Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — A Rakhine (Magh) extremist has been frequently creating ruckus for Rohingya villagers in Buthidaung Township for a weeks now, the local sources report.

The Rohingys in ‘Phaya Pyin Aungpa’ village in Buthidaung complain that the *Natala Rakhine exremist man trespass into their home premises and hides in there scaring the women while doing household stuffs. The fear-mongering extremist is identified to be ‘Aa Waing @Kalar’ from ‘Kangaw Myaing’ Natala hamlet of Phaya Pyin Aungpa’ village tract.

“He secretly breaks into the premises of Rohingya residences at night on pretext of looking for (edible) frogs both at day time and at night time. Hence, he secretly hides himself in the bushes or at the backyards of the residences.

Therefore, the women are scared to freely work and to come out of their houses at night within their premises.

When the villagers ask him not to trespass at night, he says ‘I am a citizen of this country. You are illegal immigrants.’ And he trespasses into their premises even more,” said a Rohingya from nearby village on the condition of anonymity.

The Rohingya villagers are worried that he might set their homes on fire, intentionally drop some illegal explosives in the premises or attempt to bodily harass women since he breaks into their residential premises while they are sleeping at night. The village administrator, Maung Chan Thar, and the concerned authorities such as the Border Guard Police (BGP) and SaYaPha (Defence Intelligence Service) in Nyaung Chaung village have not taken any actions to stop him from deliberately trying to inflame problems although the villagers have often complained to them.

The said Rakhine man is not a poor man that he needs to look for and catch frogs for meals. He is a rich man and can lead comfortable life on his own. Therefore, his behaviours are just meant to inflame racial problems between Rakhine Buddhists and us. Hence, they are by all means illegal,” said Maung Maung, a Rohingya in Buthidaung.

*Natala = Model villages set up with Rakhines from Bangladesh and other parts of the country among Rohngya villages on the lands confiscated from them

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By December 22, 2015 23:29

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