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Rakhine Extremists Torch a Rohingya Home, Witnesses Forced to be Quiet

By Sindhi Khan

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Maungdaw, Arakan: Some Rohingya people on sentry duty witnessed five Rakhine extremists torching a Rohingya home at Ngakura (Nagpura) village in northern Maungdaw on June 17, 2014 midnight. However, the witnesses were forced to withhold the identities of the culprits.

“The house belonged to U Shamshu (son of) Khala Meah (of age 30) got burnt down around 12:30AM on June 18, 2014. We (Rohingya people at a sentry post) saw five unknown Rakhines torching the house and quickly fleeing afterwards. Thus, we were unable to catch them” said a witness.

They (the witnesses) were summoned to village administration office by the administrator, U Zaw Win (a Rakhine Extremist), and BGP Commander of Commandment Area 5. Then, the authority forced the witnesses for signatures in order that they would withhold incident of the burning and not say Rakhine extremists had torched the house, according to a villager of Ngakura, who declined to be named.

U Shamshu, whose house got burnt down, has six family members that depend on him. Now, the family has lost Kyat 3 Million worth of house as well as properties.

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