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Rakhine Extremists Terrorize INGOs in Sittwe

Ro Myo Chit and Aung Min Khant
27th March 2014

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Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan“Some Rakhine (Magh) staffs of Malteser International [an International (Humanitarian) Non-Governmental Organization-INGO originated to Germany] office based at Kyaung Htet Hlan Quarter in Sittwe (Akyab) attached Buddhist Religious Flags on a vehicle belongs to the NGO. A Malteser International Staff, an Amrican citizen, removed the flag from the vehicle. Hence, Rakhine staffs started quarreling with her saying that they attached the flag as a symbol of their boycott against the population census in Arakan state. She replied “after a period of 30 years, a population census on par with international standard is to be carried out with the help of UN. Please cooperate in it instead of boycotting.” Hence, the dissatisfied Rakhine extremists spread a false news that she (the staff) insulted the religious flag by putting it on her waist. Therefore, Police from No.1 Police station of Sittwe arrested and detained the accused the staff.

As per their pre-determinded plot, around 6:30PM at Ba-Kyaw Road Junction in Aung Mingalar Quarter, a Rakhine (Magh) youth and a Mramma Gri (Barua) youth started to act as if they were quarreling with each another so as to gather more Rakhine extremists around the area. Hundreds of Rakhines (Maghs) gathered at Payagyi (Win Kabba) stadium in Sittwe (Akyab) township. So, between 8PM to 9PM, Rakhine extremists attempted to attack Aung Mingalar Quarter. Since around 500 Rakhines crowded within 10 minutes, Security Force fired warningshots to disperse the people.

Failing to attack the quarter, they marched towards to Malteser office at Kyaung-Htet-Hlan Quarter around 9:30PM and attempted to vandalize its office as with one of its staff Rakhine extremists had quarelled earlier. The violence Rakhine crowd demanded Police the Malteser Lady Staff accused of insulting Buddhist Flag be handed over. Since Police were warning the Rakhine crowd through warningshots, they dispersed. However, around 11PM, they gathered again at the place opposite to the former Sittwe Collge in Moulake Quarter. Again, Police had to disperse people through warningshots. Yet, the marauding crowd vandalized an NGO office at the Pyagyi (Win Kabba) Football Stadium Quarter around 11:40PM.

The situation calmed down for a while and at 11:50PM, the extremists started to attack the office of UNFPA, a UN Organization helping Myanmar authority on free and fair population census. Consquently, two of its international staffs (one male and one female) got injured. As they were attempting to torch the office, Police and Security Force had to fire several warningshots to disperse the people.

Around 3AM on 27th March 2014, Rakhine terrorists destroyed Malteser office. Besides, they were reports that they were marching towards the office of MSF (Doctors without Borders). It has also been learnt that Rakhine terrorists are trying to create more chaos today.

Update: According to a local Rohingya of Sittwe (Akyab), the situation in the downtown of Sittwe is extremely terrible. Rakhine terrorists are gathering in mass and going violent. All local (non-residents of Arakan) and international staffs of INGOs must leave Arakan for Yangon by 1PM (Myanmar Standard Time) today.

Breaking: at 1:37PM (Myanmar Standard Time), violence broke out in front of Malteser office at Aung Mingalar quarter, Sittwe, Rakhineterrorists started hurling stones at the Malteser office.

-2:50PM (27th March 2014), Rakhine (Magh) terrorists are now gathering at the Pyaa-Hlan Road junction in the Kyaung-Gyi located nearby Aung Mingalar Quarter.

-3:10PM (27th March 2014), there is a big balloon with apparently hydrogen gas inside fell on Aung Mingalar qaurter. It is thought to have been released into air from “Thay” Quarter located at the north of the Aung Mingalar quarter. There is a blue balloon inside the big balloon. Fearing it would release chemical materials if bursts, the elders handed the balloon over the authority.

-3:20PM (27th March 2014), it is being announced that the curfew period is extended from 10PM to 4AM to 6AM to 6PM. Rohingyas have experienced since June 2012 that Myanmar authority impose martial law or curfew only to prevent Rohingyas from protective their lives and properties.

-3:40PM (27th March 2014), UNDP/UNHCR office at Aung Mingalar quarter is being destroyed.

-4:30PM (27th March 2014), UNDP office has got destroyed. As usual, the police and security fired only two warningshots.

-5:30PM, they destroyed MSF (Doctors Without Border) Office at ‘Rohingya’ village. Around 7-20 INGO offices and infrastructures were destroyed today. Instead of preventing the marauding Rakhines from destroying INGO infrastructures, it simply shifted their staffs to Yangon. Local Rohingya believe the government is sponsoring the violence against INGOs to get rid of international observers during the population census. Myanmar authority is all out to forcibly Bengalize Rohingyas.

– Since this evening, Mowlake village of Aung Mingalar has been under siege of Rakhine terrorists. Rohingyas in the quarter extremely worried of attacks by Rakhine terrorists.

Coral Arakan
The Malteser International Staff Falsely Accused of Insulting Buddhist Flag (The Lady on the Left) [Photo: Coral Arakan News)
Maraudning Rakhine Extremist Crowd (Photo: Lwin Thandar Soe)