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Rakhine Extremists Stop Aid Worker on the Way to IDP

By RVSION TV Correspondent

Rathedaung : Rakhine (Magh) extremists stopped an humanitarian aid worker on the way to Shilkali (Chinkali) and Koe Tan Kauk Rohingya IDP camps in Rathedaung township yesterday afternoon, according to a reliable source.

Shilkali (Chinkali) and Koe Tan Kauk Rohingya IDP camps is situated in the hilly areas, where at every summer season Rohingyas face severe scarcity of water. In solving that one of the workers from solidarity International was on his way to Shilkali (Chinkali) and Koe Tan Kauk, who were stopped by Rakhine (Magh) extremists

Moreover in this camp about 33 families living here  have been totally depending on the ration distributed by this Aid Organization since 2013.

Aids distributed are not enough for each family where now for the ongoing military operation, their rations are ceased. Due to which they are at starving situation and no other options are available for daily livelihood.

Since 2012 Rohingyas in concentration camps are lingering severely with food and water, where restrictions of movements have ceased all forms of working, health and education facility.

Starving to death is another common genocidal tool implemented on Rohingyas in Arakan, where in all concentration camps they are made to live in inhuman conditions, deprived of all basic human rights.

Edited by: Arifa

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