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Rakhine Extremists Beat Up Rohingya Fisherman and Rob his Fishing Net


Saturday, June 7, 2014


Kyauktaw Township, Arakan: On 6th June 2014 afternoon, a gang of 30 Rakhine extremists severely beat up a Rohingya fisherman fishing in Kaladan River in Kyauktaw Township. And then, the extremists robbed his fishing net. Rohingya fisherman hails from the village of Paikthay (Zaillya Fara) and the extremists do from the village of Wa-Maing.

“Rohingya people at the village of Pakthay (Zaillya Fara) in Kyauktaw Township depend on Fishing in Kaladan River as a means to their livelihoods. Rohingya people mainly live at the western coast of the river and Rakhine people do at the eastern coast.

Since the violence against Rohingyas started in June 2012, Rohingyas face several harassment and dangers while they go for fishing. Hence, they can’t go very far.

If Rohingya fishermen encounter with Rakhine extremists while fishing, they (Rakhine extremists) strike them with marbles and sharp-and-small arrows using catapults. Besides, they rob Rohingyas’ fishing net. When police find Rohingyas fishing, they extort money from them (Rohingyas).

On June 6, 2014 afternoon, a very poor Rohingya fisherman named Mohammed Ali (son of) Ali Akhbar that hails from Paikthay (Zaillya Fara) was fishing in the Kaladan River. A group of 30 Rakhine extremists hail from the village of Wa-Maing advanced and chased the fishermen. They caught him and severely beat him up. And then, they robbed his fishing net” said a local of Paikthay.

“Now, he is feeling very helpless. He has only this fishing net as possession/property. And his whole family that depend the income earned from this fishing net.  There is no one to complain to and take against actions against these extremists. Officials in almost all government departments are Rakhines as well” he added.