msa December 2, 2013

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

December 3, 2013

Northern Maungdaw, Arakan: These days, some Rakhine extremists are repeatedly attempting to torch the Masjid (Mosque) at the northern hamlet of the village of Kyein-Chaung (Bawli Bazaar), northern Maungdaw.

“Around 12:20AM on 28th November 2013, two Rakhine extremists attempted to torch a mosque at the northern hamlet of Kyein-Chaung (Bawli Bazaar). When Rohingyas on sentry duty tried to catch those extremists, they ran away and entered the Rakhine village located nearby the mosque. On the night of 29th Novemeber 2013 as well, a few Rakhine extremists attempted to do the same but they failed due to Rohingyas on sentry duty.

Although the local Rohingyas complaint to the adminstrator of the village, U Bone Kan Naing, he ignored the complaint and is not taking any action to prevent such attempts by Rakhines. Therefore, the Rohingya villagers fear that Rakhine extremists may burn down the mosque and their houses with the help of authority and the village administrator as usual. And Rohingyas will be vulnerable again as there is no serious action being taken against these criminals” said a Rohingya from nearby village.



Elsewhere according to a source at southern-most Maungdaw, on 25th Novemeber 2013, eight Rohingya fishermen hails from the village of Ye-Chan-Pyin of Sittwe (Akyab) Township set off by an engine boat to the bay of Bengal for fishing. Meanwhile, they encountered with a larger boat with many Rakhines off the coast. The Rakhine extremists severely beat Rohingya fishermen and damaged their boat engine. And three of the Rohingya fishermen were thrown in the sea. Fortunately, the three people did not face untimely demises as they were found by another Rohingya fishing boat.