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Rakhine Extremist and Authorities Continued Loots on Remaining Rohingya Properties

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 23rd October 2017

Buthidaung: Rakhine Extremists along with Burmese military looted Rohingyas’ remaining cattle’s like cows, buffaloes, etc from the villages of Southern Buthidaung and started illegal business, complains the suffering locals.

Military commander along with 4 other soldiers on 21st October, 2017 from the camp no. 353 arrived in the Sar Kaing village of Chaungdong village track, Taungbazar, Buthidaung Township and looted 2 valuable Buffaloes of a Rohingya named to be Amir Bashir and sold to the Rakhines (Moghs) with 500,000 Kyats.

“Military looted the valuable buffaloes and sold it to the Rakhines (Moghs) with cheaper price to favor the Moghs (Rakhines) and buy new cell phones, for which they started extorting money since a few days back” says a local Rohingya pondering over the desperate situation of the remaining Rohingyas.

Similar incidence took place at 8:00 am on 20th October, 2017, where Rakhine extremists (Moghs) looted 8 cows from the Sin they Byin village of Sangodaung village track of southern Buthidaung. The owner of the cattle is identified to Salah Ahmed S/O Motu, (65).

After mass killing, arrests, rape and displacing 1000, 000 towards Bangladesh, Rakhine extremist (Moghs) along with Burmese authorities are looting the reamaining Rohingyas’ properties and are fulfilling the lust of own personal needs, mocking their uniforms that serves as sovereignty for a country.

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