msa October 20, 2015

By Saeed Arakani

Kyauktaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — A Rakhine extremist ambushed a Rohingya farmer in ‘Punna Gyun’ Township last Wednesday while working in his farm, according to the reliable sources.

The victim is identified to be Mohammed Hakim Fazal Ahmed, 21, hail from ‘Siddir Kul (Thay Dar Kaadi)’ village in ‘Punna Gyun’ Township. The Rakhine Buddhist extremist named U Ba Tin hailed from ‘Thay Darr Rakhine’ village launched attack on the farmer around 3:00PM on October 14 without any reason as he working in his paddy field.

The ambush by the hooligan left the farmer with severe bruises and wounds. Although Mohammed Hakim lodged the police complaint against the attack on him, the police chief responsible for the region of ‘Thay Darr Kaadi’ village didn’t take any action for it. The police chief has rather ignored to listen to the case of the victim.

Siddir Kul or Thay Dar Kaadi village is a lonely and isolated Rohingya village surrounded by Rakhine villages from all sides. They always face attacks from the local Rakhine extremists in their daily lives making their lives hard to survive.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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