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Rakhine Administrator of U-Daung Village Arbitrarily Extort Money from Innocent Rohingya Villagers

MYARF Report| Written by M.S. Anwar

November 18, 2013

Maungdaw, Arakan: The Administrator of the village of U-Daung, southern Maungdaw, is on a money extortion spree. The administrator, U Htin Maung, is a Rakhine extremist and abusing his power to extort humungous amount of money from an innocent Rohingya whose house got burnt down on 5th November 2013.


“Hafiz Sanaullah (son of) Mv Hanifa lives in the village of U-Daung, southern Maungdaw. At around 1:30PM on 5th November 2013, his house caught fire and was burnt down.

The adminstrator of the village is a Rakhine extremist named U Tin Maung. On 6th November 2013, he sent his collaborator and puppet, Baaru (son of) Nazir Hussein, to demand Kyat 100,000 from Hafiz Sanaullah (whose house was on fire earlier). The collaborator came to him said “if you pay Kyat 100,000 to the administrator, you need not pay any money to anyone.”Thus, he paid Kyat 100,000 to the puppet.

On 7th November 2013, the puppet came up again and asked Hafiz Sanaullah for Kyat 300,000. He refused to pay.

On 9th November 2013 morning, Baaru appeared once again and asked for Kyat 200,000. Hafiz Sanaullah paid the money to him. In the evening of the day, he came and asked him (Hafiz Sanaullah) this time for an humugous Kyat 3,000,000. Hence, Hafiz Sanaullah refused to pay.

On 11th November 2013, the Rakhine Administration together with four police officers and three collaborators arrived at the house of Hafiz Sanaullah. The administrator threatened to imprison him and his family if he failed/fails to pay the amount in 10 days from the datesaid elderly Rohingya living in a nearby village.

“How the house of Hafiz Sanaullah caught fire is not known yet. But in Arakan, if a Rohingya Muslim house catches fire and burns down, the owner of the house, instead of getting help from the authority, has to pay money to the authority as mentioned above. That is a kind of justice you can find only in Myanmar. A justice that victimizes a victim further.

And this is not the first time that the administrator has been squeezing money from innocent Rohingya villagers” he added. 

Note: The house of Hafiz Sanaullah (after his house got burnt down) means the temporary shelter he is  currently living in.

The village of U-Daung, Southern Maungdaw