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Rakhine Administrator of Nga Kura Torture and Agitate Rohingya Villagers

By R.S. Maung

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan state- Administrator of Nga Kura (Nagpura) village severely beat up a Rohinya fisherman hails from Auk Phyu Ma (Hasar Bil) village under Nga Kura village tract on 22nd May 2014 night. He, a Rakhine (Magh) extremist, has started to beat, abuse, harass and agitate Rohingya people of the village in order to destabilize the region and to trigger violence against Rohingyas, said local of the village.

“Mukhtar Hussein (son of) Izhar Hussein (of Age 30) is a local Rohingya fisherman of northern Hamlet of Auk Phyu Ma village (Hasar Bil). On 22nd May 2014 evening, he went to river for fishing. It was a bit late night when he was coming back home from fishing. Meanwhile, the administrator, U Ba Sein (a Rakhine), and his group and stopped him.

They, for no reason, abused him and beat him up to death. Thinking that he was dead, they left him at the place.

The next morning, he inquired Rohingyas at the village bazaar whether the Rohingya man was dead or not. Besides, he threatened people that they are increasing their strength in every means possible just to kill Rohingyas” said a local Rohingya of the village.

“As well, on 23rd May 2014, Mv Mohammed, a local of the village, invited four other scholars to perform some religious rituals at his home. The village administrator reported that to the military in the vregion as they were holding secret meeting with the *RSO members from Bangladesh.

Military commande summoned the accused Rohingyas to their camp. He investigated them and found them innocent. Therefore, he released them afterwards issuing warning to them not to associate with anyone outside. On their way back from the military camp, the administrator scolded and abused them. He also threatened that they would soon be going to destroy Rohingya community in the region” he continued.

“The administrator is an extremist that is involved in smuggling guns, grenades and other similar weapons into Arakan. They also have tried to secretly place a dead body of a Rakhine in a Rohingya village so as to trigger violence. But as Rohingyas in the region was on constant alert, they failed to carry out their destructive plan” he added.

*RSO= Rohingya Solidarity Organization, a former Rohingya armed group. It was disbanded almost a decade. Bangladesh government has officially denied that there is such an armed group in existence anymore. Recently, Rakhine extremists have started propaganda that RSO is fighting with Myanmar forces along the border.

Maung Daw

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