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Protest Held in Australia on the Rohingya Tragedies

On May 22 evening, hosted by Refugee Action Collective-RAC (a Queensland based humanitarian organisation) held a protest against the ongoing (man-made) tragedies inflicting Rohingya people at King George Squire, of Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
It was held specially for those 8000 boat refugees stranded to sea. Burmese  Rohingya Association in Queensland Australia(BRAQA)  and QRC were invited to represent the persecuted Rohingyas. Approximately 300 people attended the protest. Salim Mohammed a medical student of Queensland University and member of BRAQA and Sujauddin from QRC delivered speech on Rohingya crisis, an activist of RAC and  a representative of Greens ( Australian political party) have also expressed concerns in the protest about Rohingya tragedy. 
Both the speakers from Rohingyan community have described the atrocities and persecutions committed against Rohingyas internally and externally as terrifying, bestial and humanitarian disaster ,they also asked for UN intervention and to put  pressure on Myanmar government to stop persecutions on Rohingya muslim.
Salim Mohammed a Rohingyan Medical student said in his speech on the protest,” as a teenager and citizen of Australia ,being a teenager it is really hard to concentrate on my studies seeing all my brothers and sisters all across the world being treated ruthlessly ,they are being treated wore than animal.I can feel my brothers and sisters on the other side of the world crying for safety,just to save their lives.This ruthless situation has to be ended ,Please please and please president Mr tony Abbott(Australian Prime minister) have mercy upon the Rohingyas and to understand the situation that they are going through.”

The two Australian speakers have blamed Australian government and it’s prime minister tony Abbott  for not doing anything to save the stranded Rohingya to the sea. They have urged Austraian Prime Minister to intervene to end Rohingya crisis.

They also they urge  international community to put pressure on Myanmar government to stop persecutions on Rohingyas.

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Burmese Rohingya Association in QLD-Australia Inc (BRAQA)

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