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August 22, 2013

Northern Maung Daw, Arakan– Regional Police Head in Taung-Pyo Sub-Township (Northern Maung Daw) has set free three NaTala Rakhine Burglars without taking any action. The three Rakhines broke into the shop of Nurul Amin in Taung Pyo on 17th August 2013 night and stole Kyat 5 Millions worth of goods.

A local Rohingya said “three Natala Rakhines broke into the shop of Nurul Amin S/o Habib Ullah (from Quarter 1 of the village, Dey-Boinna, northern Maung Daw) around 3AM on 17th August 2013. The shop is located in Taung-Pyo (Lak-Wei) (Region- Left), north-western Maung Daw. The burglary took place during curfew time and amidst tight secuirty by Millitary and Security Forces. The burglars stole Kyat 5 Millions worth of commodities and goods.

However, on the following day, Rohingya passengers (on their van) on their way to Maung Daw via Bawli Bazaar (Kyin Chaung) spotted a vehicle (that runs from Taung Pyo to Maung Daw and vice versa) fully loaded with clothes and other goods. Rohingyas suspected. As they got down, the Rakhine Burgulars started to run away. Nevertheless, they managed to catch the thieves and upon inquiry, they said they were the goods stolen from the shop of Nurul Amin.”

“They handed the burglars over to the regional police station in Taung Pyo Sub-Twonship. However, despite the fact that the thieves were caught red-handed, the regional police head said that it lacked clear evidence against the three Rakhine burglars under the provision of theft and set them free without delay.
Besides, the Police Chief has not returned Nurul Amin his stolen properties yet” he continued.

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Edited by MS Anwar