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Police Rape Two Rohingya Girls in Southern Maungdaw

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

3rd February 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan: Police at the HinThaRa (Hossara) Bridge Checkpost of Zawmadat (Lambaaguna) village tract, southern Maungdaw, raped two Rohingya minor girls at their gun-points around 3PM on 28th January 2014. Both girls are from the village of HinThaRa of Zawmadat village tract.

“Around 3PM on 28th January 2014, two girls from the village of Hossara (HinThaRa) went to their farmlands to pluck vegetables. Their farmlands are not so far from the police checkpost of Hossara Bridge. A few Policemen went there and raped the two girls at their gun-points.

The particulars of the girls are:

1) T*s**n (daughter of) Y*s*n (Age 16) (the detailed form of the name is witheld for privacy’s sake.)

2) S*f**r* (daughter of) Y*n*s* (Age 15) (the detailed form of the name is witheld for privacy’s sake.)” said a local elder from a nearby village.

Rapes of girls/women of Rohingya and other minorities by Myanmar Government Force are quite frequent. They use Rape as a weapon of war against the minorities. Rohingya case is the worst.

Moreover, from 14th January 2014 to 16th January 2014, Myanmar government forces raped and killed more than 50 Rohingya women in the village of Duchiradan of the same region. Besides, more than 200 women have gone missing since then. Locals believe they might have faced the same fate. As usual and expected, the sociopath genocidal Myanmar Regime has squarely denied all the crimes.