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Police Going Ever Brutal In Maung Daw

Police Going Ever Brutal In Maung Daw
July 16
15:13 2013


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16th July 2012

Maung Daw, Arakan– On 12th July 2013, the institution of NaSaKa (the border security force especially set up to oppress Rohingyas in Arakan) was suddenly abolished by the government of Myanmar. As NaSaKa Force retreated, Police Force (overwhelmingly consists of radical Rakhine Buddhists) in Maung Daw took charge of the security affairs and the bases at the checkpoints evacuated by NaSaKa. This Rakhine Police Force in the absence of NaSaKa has no more competition in the brutal oppressions of Rohingyas. Therefore, Police is going ever brutal against Rohingyas day by day.

For instance, as it has been reported, Mv Habib Ullah S/o Abdul Latiff (40), a religious scholar, hails from the village of Foira of Bagguna village tract, Maung Daw Township, was severely beaten and tortured by the Rakhine Police at the checkpoint located by the Lal Boinna (Pan Daw Pyin) Bridge on 15th July 2013. He was so brutally beaten simply because he could not take out and show his ID card to Police as quickly as they wanted.

“Previously, Police and NaSaKa were competitors in the oppressions of Rohingyas and extorting money from them. Sometimes, they used to confront each other as they were racing against each other to extort money from Rohingyas. Hence, they often complained against each other to higher authority.  That way, Rohingyas used to get some space for sigh. Now, radical Rakhine Police has got monopoly to oppress Rohingyas and God, alone, knows how brutal they can go against Rohingyas in the future” said a Rohingya elder.

Padaw Pyin Police Checkpoint, Maung Daw (the then NaSaKa checkpoint)

Padaw Pyin Police Checkpoint, Maung Daw (the then NaSaKa checkpoint) [Picture Credit: Google Map)



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