Police announce 26 more warrants for traffickers

By August 13, 2015 18:02

Police announce 26 more warrants for traffickers

Police on Thursday announced that 26 more arrest warrants have been issued for people accused of involvement in the trafficking of persecuted Rohingya from Myanmar, bringing the total to 145.

Deputy Police Chief Ake Angsananont declined to comment on the latest batch of suspected traffickers, as doing so could affect the investigation.

Last month, public prosecutors indicted 104 people involved in a multinational human-trafficking ring, of whom 32 are still on the run.

Among those indicted was Lt Gen Manas Kongpan, who stands accused of overseeing trafficking in the country’s south.

The police began cracking down on human trafficking in early May after dozens of graves, believed to contain the bodies of Rohingya migrants, were found in jungle camps in southern Thailand near the border with Malaysia.

Thailand has long been a favorite transit country for Rohingya aiming to reach Malaysia.

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By August 13, 2015 18:02

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