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Operation Whale: Rohingya Subjected to Process under 1982 Citizenship Law

By Saeed ׀ Thursday, August 7, 2014

Myebon Township, Arakan ׀

Myanmar Government has started to force Rohingyas in Myebon Township to undergo the process of 1982 Citizenship Law amid international condemnations, according to the sources.


1982 Citizenship Law of Burma was specially designed and put forward against Rohingya people by the late tyrant Gen. Ne Win violating Universal declaration of Human Rights and several other international norms. (Read more: 1982 Citizenship Law of Burma: Is or Isn’t It Applicable Today?)

Since the beginning of nationwide census on March 30, the Myanmar authority has forced internally displaced Rohingyas in the township to get registered as illegal Bengalis instead of their ethnic identity ‘Rohingya.’ (Read More HERE) The ongoing operation against Rohingyas has been reportedly titled Operation Whale.

“Myanmar government has started their process to force Rohingyas to undergo the process under 1982 Citizenship Law started in Myebon Township. A group of joint authority arrived at Taungpaw IDP Camps on August 5. The group consisted of head of the Myebon Township Administration, Secretary of Myebon Township Immigration, two advocates, and two members of Rakhine community and one member from Rohingya side. Some following questions are being asked from the people.

1-     What’s your name?

2-     What’s your father’s name?

3-     Where were you born?

4-     Where were your father born?

5-     How did your father arrive in Myebon?

6-     When did your forefathers arrive in Myanmar and so on and so forth?” said an internally displaced Rohingya in the camp.

On the other hand, for the past few months in other parts of Arakan state, Myanmar government has been using all means such as threats to arrest community elders, tortures, persecutions, trying to bribe local religious people, pressures on Rohingya politicians and so on so that they can successfully brand them as illegal Bengalis.

The aftermaths of the process of 1982 Citizenship Law do not guarantee Rohingyas even some basic human rights such as citizenship, freedom of movement and freedom of worships. Rohingya is an indigenous ethnic group that has been living in Arakan, the western state of Myanmar, since immemorial.

A list of some state-sponsored operations against Rohingyas throughout history.
A list of some state-sponsored operations against Rohingyas throughout history.

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