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Open Robberies by Gunmen in Hlun Htein Uniform in Northern Maung Daw

M.S. Anwar |

September 10, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– On 10th September 2013 morning, around 20 armed dacoits in Hlun Htein (Myanmar Security Force) Uniform robbed two Rohingya houses in Bawli Bazaar (Kyein Kyaung), Northern Maung Daw. Besides, around the same time, other sixteen dacoits also in the Security Force Uniform extensively robbed another house in the village of Nain Chaung (Ngan Chaung) of the Bawli Bazaar village tract.

“Around 20 armed robbers in Hlun Htein uniform broke into two Rohingya homes in Bawli Bazaar at around 12:30AM on 9th September 2013. They entered the village from north-western side of the village. On the way, they happen to face up four Rohingyas on security duty at the sentry post before the Bawli Bazaar High School. They started to beat up the Rohingyas. While three could manage to escape, one (Kamal S/o Mir Ahmed – Age 20) was severely beaten (and later sent to Maung Daw hospital).

Then, they broke into the houses of (the late) Lalu S/o Sher Mohammed and Shona Meah S/o Sher Mohammed successively. They robbed all the jewelries and valuable properties. The villagers tried to come for rescue when a young girl shouted out as her earrings were snatched by the robbers. And the robbers started firing.

Though the villagers rushed to the police station for help, they paid no attention to the people. Police came to the scene only after the robbers had left” reported by MYARF, Rvision Correspondent.

“Around the same time (i.e. at 1:30AM), other Sixteen dacoits also in Hlun Htein uniform robbed the house of Iqbal S/o Naju Meah in the village of Ngan Chaung of the Bawli Bazaar village tract. They broke into his house and beat up the family members severely. They robbed 98 gram of Gold (worth Kyat 4.5 Million) and Kyat 0.6 Million (Cash). However, the neighbors dared not come for rescue because the robbers were heavily armed and it was also the curfew time” the correspondent continued.

These robbers can be either genuine Hlun Htein-s or the members of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP). They were speaking in Burmese. Whatsoever, people view that the robbers were highly coordinated with the local authority” the correspondent added.

Another local Rohingya said “at 5PM on 8th September 2013, the head of the department of the General Administration of Maung Daw Township accompanied by eight police officers including a lieutenant [from Bawli Bazaar (Kyein Chaung) Police Station] arrived at the village of At-Htet-Phyu-Ma, Northern Maung Daw. In a following meeting with the representatives from both Rakhine community and Rohingyas, he asked both communities to live in peace and harmony.

Besides, he asked Rohingyas to be aware of possible robbries to take place at night. He also asked Rohingyas to spot what sort of guns the robbers would use in case of any robbery.

Now, we wonder how he would have known in advance that the robberies would take place if the robbers had not been coordinated with them.” 


Bawli Bazaar (Kyein Chaung) High School, Northern Maung Daw
Bawli Bazaar (Kyein Chaung) High School, Northern Maung Daw