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Ongoing Persecution of Remaining Rohingya Forces them Towards Bangladesh

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 27th December 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: A Rohingya family had to flee towards Bangladesh to save their lives in the ongoing repatriation talks between Burma-Bangladesh, reports a local source.

A Rohingya family hailing from Razarbil (Ah Htet Nan yar) village tract of Rathedaung Township crossed the border and reached Camp 13 of Tenghali Makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazaar.

[Habiullah and his family had to flee Arakan, after he was jailed and his six children were killed by Burmese military in 2017. Image: VOR]

Earlier in 2017, he was arbitrarily arrested from his home and was sentenced to 2 years in Akyab (Sittwe) jail.

Following that, his wife along with her two children went to visit him in Akyab Township, leaving behind her other six children in Rathedaung Township.

At the time of visiting her husband, the Burmese regime started their brutal operation in northern Arakan state and she could not return to her village.

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Now after her husband completed the sentence in October 2018, they tried to search for their other children at their home village, but they could not trace them.

Like other thousands of killed Rohingya, they believe that their children were also dead in the mass killing in Rathedaung Township.

The victim is identified to be Habiullah S/O Sayed Hussain, hailing from Rathedaung Township, a township which was destroyed by mass execution, torching, and gang-rapes.

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Now they have reached the makeshift camp in Cox’s Bazaar and are in immediate humanitarian need.

The fleeing family is a real-time example of Burmese persecution on the remaining Rohingya in Arakan state, where Burma-Bangladesh is still in a process of pointless repatriation for the victims of genocide.

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