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First Annual Memorial Day on the Violence against Rohingya and Burmese Muslims Held in Malaysia

June 22, 2013

Pulau Penang, Malaysia– On 21st June 2013, Rohingya community in the state of Penang, Malaysia, held one year commemoration day on the deadly violence against Rohingya and Burmese Muslims in Burma. Around two hundred Rohingyas and Burmese Muslims living in Penang attended the meeting, discussed on the crises being faced by Muslims in Burma and took oath to help to solve their problems to their best.


Rohingya representatives, special guests from Burmese Muslims and others were present at the event. The ceremony commenced at 3PM with the recitation of Al-Quran by Hf Ayub. It was followed by a Rohingya patriotic song by Mv. Abdul Razak.

Mv. Hasan Mahmud talked on the violence against Rohingyas and its solution through Islamic means. The next speaker was Dr. Abdul Hamid, the President of Rohingya Society in Malaysia (RSM). He explained the situation of Rohingyas and suggested some future planning for the solutions to their problems, leadership crises in exiled Rohingya communities and proposed some solutions.

Hj Iqbal, a guest at the event on behalf of Burmese Muslims in Malaysia, spoke on how Burmese regime divided Burmese Muslims from Rohingyas to an extent that Burmese Muslims had not known Rohingyas and their history before the beginning of the current violence. He emphasized Burmese Muslims as well as Rohingya Muslims to learn the true history of all Muslims in Burma. Besides, he called on all Muslims in Burma and in exile, both Rohingyas and Burmese Muslims, that it is the high time for them to unite and to strongly maintain it forever.


The following speaker, Mv. Hamid, talked on the unity of Rohingyas and their time to contribute Rohingyas inside with finance, their lives and whatever they can afford. Mr. Mohammed Salim, a Rohingya Businessman in Penang, said it is not the time for speech but for action. He encouraged Rohingyas on the importance of self-esteem and their rights to self-determination.

Mr. Mohammed Rashid from Penang was the last speaker who spoke on the contribution of Rohingyas from Penang and the necessity to strengthen contribution in the future. The ceremony successfully ended at 7PM with taking oaths from the respective Rohingya elders in Penang for their future contribution.