msa November 10, 2016

By Min SK | RVision TV News

Rathedaung – A displaced Rohingya was tortured to death and five have still been detained by the Burmese military at the ‘KoeTanKauk (Doun Say)’ Buddhist monastery, while freeing other seven people on November 9, a reliable source says.

They were among the 13 internally displaced people (IDP) arbitrarily arrested by the army during the raids at ‘KoeTanKauk (Doun Say)’ IDP Camps on November 7.

“Zahid Hussein (son of) Mohammed Hassan, 31, was tortured to death. The people released were also tortured severely during their detention at the ‘Doun Say’ monastery. The one that died was actually tortured to death while they had been still detained at the ‘Doun Say’ Primary School before they were taken to the ‘Doun Say’ Monastery. His body was buried at the premise of the school.

“But the army announced that he fled from their detention and doesn’t know his whereabouts since his escape. This is obviously to conceal the crime they have committed,” said an IDP Person at KoeTanKauk.

On November 7, following people were arrested at the IDP Camps.

No Name Father Age
1 Shah Alam Mogghul Ahmed 34
2 Mohammed Hussein Laal Meah 25
3 Zamir Hussein Nesaar Ahmed 24
4 Mohammed Hassan Mogghul 28
5 Yusuf Hala Boda 27
6 Kabir Ahmed Hala Meah 26
7 Nurul Amin Abu Bakkar 28
8 Mohammed Kasim Noor Mohammed 28
9 Shah Meah Mogghul Ahmed 50
10 Rashid Kasim 29
11 Dil Mohammed Abdu Shukkor 40
12 Fir Mohammed Azizur Rahman 30
13 Zahid Hussein Mohammed Hassan

Of the list above, seven people (at No.  3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 11) have been released after extortion of Kyat 120,000 from each.

Earlier, the Burmese troops arbitrarily arrested 13 Rohingya civilians [read report HERE] during a separate their two-day-long siege of KoeTanKauk village from Friday night to Sunday night.

Of them, two people have been released. They are Mv Rahimullah and Mv Zahid Hussein.

Six others are still being detained and tortured at the KoeTanKauk monastery along with five other KoeTanKauk villagers (not IDP) people and five more have been kept incommunicado.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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