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One Rohingya Die, Two in Critical Condition after Taking Medication by MRCS

By Zayar

Thursday, May 22, 2014, 13:00 Myanmar Standard Time

MRCS_Round_Circle_Logo_TwitterMinbya Township, Rakhine State– One Rohingya died and five went into unconsciousness after taking medicines provided by a team of Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) in Khyeik Taung village, Minbya Township, this morning. Three of them have recovered and other two are still in critical condition according to a local of the village.

“This morning (i.e. on 22nd May 2014 morning), around 7AM, a team of Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) arrived at the village of Khreik Taung (Khyeik Taung- Keeng Fara) in Minbya Township. Upon hearing that, six local Rohingya patients went to see them and take medications. They were patients suffering from different diseases.

They provided some medicines to them. Same medicines were provided to all of them. One of them was suffering from acute lower back-pain. After taking the medicines, the patient with lower back pain died on the spot. Five others got fainted and lost consciousness. Three of them have regained consciousness. But the other two are still in critical condition. We don’t know whether they will live or die as well” said a local in the village.

“The victims of the deliberate wrong medications are:

1)       Mukhtar Ahmed @Pauk Kay (son of) Ali Hussein (father) and Jomali (mother), (of Age 60)

[died on the spot]

2)       Abulu (son of) Abul Kasim (father) and Zabedah Khatun (mother), (of Age 50) [Still in Critical Condition]

3)       Anwar Begum (daughter of) Shabi Alam (father) and Zubaidah (mother), (of Age 18), [Still in critical condition]

4)       Zahirah Khatun (daughter of) Khalaya (father) and Zarina Khatun, (of Age 35), [Recovered]

5)       Min Nisa (daughter of) Khala Futu (father) and Kiyang Bi (mother), (of Age 35) [Recovered]

6)       And one more.

When they lost consciousness, their co-villagers informed the MRCS Team about the emergency cases. However, they didn’t come. Therefore, the people reported to the authority. They arrived and said they would investigate the case.

The MRCS mainly comprises Rakhine extremists and few Bamas as well. Therefore, we feel they deliberately did it to kill the people. Otherwise, how could they provide same medicines to the patients with different diseases and all of them lose consciousness as they took the medicines? Rakhine extremists are implementing various tactics to root out Rohingyas from Arakan” he added.

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