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One Injured as Rakhine Extremists Attack Rohingya Fishermen

By Saeed Arakani

Kyauktaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – One Rohingya fisherman got injured as two groups of Rakhine extremists launched attacks on seven fishermen in Kyauktaw Township last Tuesday.

The fishermen hail from ‘Singa Daung’ IDP Camp, Kyauktaw Township. When the attack took place, they were fishing on a boat in a river nearby the ‘Thin Gyan Goone (Cemetery)’ of Nagara Rakhine village in the township around 5:00PM on October 20.

“Seven fishermen were fishing in the river with a paddle boat nearby the ‘Thin Gyan Goone (Cemetery)’ of Nagara village. As they were returning from fishing, a group Rakhine extremist appeared with an engine boat. Of the seven fishermen, six managed to get to the river bank and escaped from the extremists’ attack.

Unfortunately, a fisherman named Hussein Ahmed (son of) U Mazaffar, 32, from ‘Singha Daung’ IDP camp with a small boat got caught in the hands of the extremists. They asked “have you caught any fishes?” He replied “sorry, we couldn’t catch fishes today.”

Soon, another boat full of Rakhine extremists arrived. The two engine boats surrounded his peddle boat. Tying his boat to theirs, they started to pull him away. However, as he realized he would be tortured and possibly killed soon, he jumped off of his boat.

As he jumped off, the Rakhine extremists started to whack him on his head with the boat peddles. Fortunately, he managed to swim to the river bank. He, then, entered a Rohingya village called ‘Phaw Lan’ in Kyauktaw Township. The villagers gave him shelter and saved him from the life-threatening situation,” said a local Rohingya in Kyauktaw.

Then, the victim lodged a complaint to the police in Phaw Lan village. Nonetheless, the police chief in the village called up all the fishermen of the village and threatened them instead of taking actions. He said “you people are harassing us. Because of you people, we can’t sleep peacefully.”

Although Mr. Hussein Ahmed, the victim of the attack, said that he knew the name of the Rakhine extremists that led the groups, his name is Mr. Than Win and he is from ‘Nagara’ village, the police chief simply ignored his complaint. The police chief didn’t take any action.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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