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Once Again Rohingya Stood in Demand of Recognition & Justice through Mass Gathering

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 25th September 2018

Cox’sBazaar: Hundreds of Rohingya in different groups were seen in mass protest at various locations of makeshift camps in Cox’sBazaar, Bangladesh on 24th September 2018, according to various sources

In their mass gathering they demanded their recognition as Rohingya refugees in UNHCR printed smart cards, international security and justice via International Criminal Court (ICC) for the genocidal crimes committed by Burmese military since the junta rule.

Groups of distress Rohingya elderly and youths were seen in a protest to demand the above mentioned demands with their tearful eyes.

Common Rohingya seen in mass gathering at makeshift camps of Cox’sBazaar, Bangladesh on 24th September 2018. Image: RVISION TV

Their sorrowful situations were seen in their hand written brochures in this digital era and they urged for their demands to be fulfilled before any process of actual repatriation.

In hand to hand with them another grass root organization named “Voice of Rohingya – VOR” also organized similar protest in a Kutupalong makeshift camp with the support of common Rohingya.

In their protest they initially thanked Bangladesh gov’t for their hospitality and hosting them in their country by providing army security.

Protest organized by Voice of Rohingya – VOR at Kutupalong maleshift camp on 24th Sept 2018. Image: RVISION TV

One of their representative said “we want Min Aung Hlaing and other military generals to be held accountable for their genocidal crimes” and the protesting Rohingya shouted from the back by saying “WE WANT JUSTICE”.

Similar activities were also seen in the office of Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights – (ARSPH), where separate groups of men and women were seen gathering for the Rohingya’s RECOGNITION as Rohingya refugees in smart cards issued by UNHCR, SAFETY, SECURITY and JUSTICE via ICC.

A screenshot taken from the Protest organized by 
Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights – (ARSPH) on 24th Sept 2018. Image: RVISION TV

Initially a group of men gathered in ARSPH’s office and said “we want recognition as Rohingya refugees in UNHCR smart cards” along with other similar demands as Rohingya sufferers.

Later another group of females also gathered and asked for justice from ICC for the serious crimes committed by the Burmese military such as RAPES and GANG RAPES of more than 180, 00 innocent Rohingya women and under aged girls.

A screenshot taken from the female Protest organized by  
Arakan Rohingya Society for Peace and Human Rights – (ARSPH) on 24th Sept 2018. Image: RVISION TV

“We want those (Burmese military) to be taken to ICC, they should be punished” shouted the group of gathering females.

Earlier many protest were organized by various Rohingya Organization in collaboration with common Rohingya since their arrival in late 2017 and are still seen in queue of demanding justice for “ROHINGYA GENOCIDE”.

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