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NU Distribute Aid to persecuted Rohingya

NU Distribute Aid to persecuted Rohingya
July 27
16:08 2015

LANGSA – Board of Nadhatul Ulama (NU) delivering aid in the form of cash $ 100 million to all persecuted Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants scattered throughout the camp sites in North Aceh, East Aceh, Langsa, and Aceh Tamiang, Sunday (26/7) ,

The aid was handed over Nadhatul Regional Board Chairman Ulama (PWNU) Aceh, TGK H Faisal Ali was accompanied by Deputy Chairman, Drs H Ibn Sakdan MPd and a number of Branch Board Chairman of NU in East Aceh, Langsa, and Tamiang.

Chairman PWNU Aceh, TGK H Faisal Ali to Porch say, aid amounting to Rp 100 million was channeled directly to every soul pengugsi. The fund, he said, immediately accepted the refugees without any intermediary of any party. He added that such aid is funds that are shipped directly from NU as a form of concern for the Muslims who were expelled from the country.

In addition to material aid, TGK said Faisal Ali, NU also provide constructive thinking about the future of Muslim refugees from the two countries.

It is said, NU also encourages central government to continue to support diplomatically to return or placement of the refugees either to their home country or a third country. “We see that the government has given a sense of security and comfort to the pengugsi, just how will encourage diplomacy at the international level for return or placement in another country,” said Faisal Ali TGK.

In line with the policy stating NU ready menampug thousands of Rohingya refugees in a number of schools, TGK Faisal said it was also agreed that if the refugees will be in place while at boarding school. “We are ready to accommodate in schools if the government allows,” said Chairman of HUDA Aceh.

Placements in schools, according to TGK Faisal Ali, will make it easier for refugees to live the teachings of the Shari’a as well. “In the schools they will also get religion and general knowledge, especially related to Indonesian,” he said.

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