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North Aceh regency Ready To Absorb Rohingya people Lifetime

Rohingya after Eid prayer id in North Aceh. Image by: ANTARA

North Aceh regency Ready To Absorb Rohingya people Lifetime
July 30
15:48 2015

ACHE – North Aceh district government expressed readiness to accommodate the presence of Rohingya Muslims forever. The policy was taken when the refugees are not welcome in third countries.

Regent of North Aceh Muhammad Thaib said, North Aceh Government shall assist and help the refugees from the Rohingya. As a fellow human being, he felt obliged to help those who are having trouble in his country.

“We are obliged to help fellow human beings who are experiencing disaster should not be looked at ethnicity, religion and race,” said Thaib to

According to him, anyone who reached the North Aceh region must be helped. Therefore, the people of Aceh have experienced difficult times during the conflict, which is now felt by the oppressed Rohingya in their own country so it should come out of their country.

Currently, the Government of Aceh has been providing an area of ​​5 hectares for construction of shelter (emergency shelter) with 120 rooms occupied by more than 300 persecuted  Rohingya. Meanwhile, the citizens of Bangladesh were accommodated in the former office building Immigration Lhokseumawe.

The place is also built like a complex which is equipped with various facilities, such as bathrooms and adequate clean water, a learning tool for children, as well as places of worship are like musala.

“Today, refugees have moved into the shelter that was built in the complex which has been completed, has prepared a wide range of facilities that are needed.”

Regent also begged dawah students to move in the complex religious education. So that religious education remains an important concern to the refugees.

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