Shuaib August 29, 2016

Maungdaw- NLD Government has recently sent new special police units instead of Border Guard Police (BGP) to destitute Rohingya people through brutal and unlawful persecution and threat in Maungdaw, Arakan, according to suffering Rohingya.

The new special police units were sent in Maungdaw district in the evening on 26 August and their dresses are as same as that of former security forces. The policemen started horrific persecution on Rohingya passers-by from the next day. Among the new special police units, the cruelest ones are the units of Godu Tha Ya and Pantauprang bridges situated in southern Maungdaw.

They are constructing two check-posts close to the aforementioned units so that the policemen can torture physically and mentally to extort money from the Rohingya by checking travel-passes.

“Specially, we have been sent by the higher authorities in Maungdaw Township in order to intensify persecution on Rohingya. If you cannot bear, flee from the country or you can report it to your FATHER Kofi Annan’s Committee,” the special police threatened the locals.

Now, Rohingya people cannot come out of the own villages in search of livelihood, even the school goers are afraid of them to go to school.

According to human rights activists, the police are unlawfully and illegally oppressing and suppressing the Rohingya so that they can refrain the ethnic Rohingya community from reporting anything to Kofi Annan’s Committee against the cruel authorities and anti-Muslim activities of Buddhists.

It is should be known to the people of world that Suu Kyi led Govt. does not want to give back the lost rights of ethnic Rohingya  but the government is going to play an excited game to cheat the  international organisations.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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