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News Updates: Money Extortion by Authority in Maung Daw Continue

Report by MYARF, Maung Daw | Written by M.S. Anwar, October 23, 2013

Money extortion from Rohingya people by Myanmar authority is nothing new. Countless reports have been made. However, recently, the different departments of the authority in Maung Daw and Buthidaung have expanded their money extortion businesses. They are, today, doing it as if they are set free by the central government of Myanmar to do so and survive on that without government’s salaries. No has been taken against those departments that frequently extort money from Rohingyas. Mentioned below are some examples.

1- Immigration Department in Southern Maung Daw Involve in Mass Extortion of Money

On Friday,18th October 2013, immigration department based at the village of Aley-Than-Kyaw (HaisshuRata), southern Maung Daw, carried out a mass extortion of money from Rohingyas in the villages of Zawmadat (Laamba-Guna) and Koinna Fara of Tharay-Kunbaung (Sair-Koombaw) village tract. The list of the victims is as follows.

Money Extortion List Zawmadat


2- Police Extorted Money from Innocent Rohingya

On 15th October 2013, two Police personnel, Nyi Nyi Zaw @Yein Zaw and Tun Sein, and a SaRaPha (Intelligent and Security Service) officer arrested an innocent young Rohingya named Feroz Khan S/o Khala Shuna (Age 25) hails from the village of Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung), Maung Daw. Feroz Khan was on his way coming back home after buying some necessary stuffs for his shop run in the village of Nyaung Chaung.

The above-mentioned authority arrested him on the road by the petrol stations located at the outskirt of the village of Myoma Kayindan (Shidda Fara). Then, they took him to the SaRaPha office in Maung Daw, where he was threatened of charging with incitement of violence and tortured. Later, they released him after squeezing Kyat 100,000.

The pointed to be noted here is that the police officer, Nyi Nyi Zaw, was transferred to Buthidaung township last March and is no longer in charge of Maung Daw township. He came to Maung Daw to visit his family and started extorting money, where he is no longer in charge. It leads one to conclude that no government officer has to follow any rule of law as far as the oppression against Rohingyas is concerned.


3- Security Force Extorted Money from Rohingya Religious Scholar

Around 4PM on 14th October 2013, Mv Shafi Alam S/o Izhar Meah (Age 46), a religious scholar, hails from the village of Tha-Yet-Oate was on his way back home. Meanwhile, he was stopped by the Hlun Hteins (Security Force) at the checkpost by the bridge of Shwe Zar (Shujah). The seurity force asked him to take out his ID card.

Then, they said “your race in this ID Card is written “Muslim” instead of “Bengali.” So, you have to change it and need to give us Kyat 5,000 if you want to go back home.” And they extorted Kyat 5,000 from him.

“Myanmar authority arbitrarily writes anything on our documents. They later beat, torture us and extort money from us as stated above. This is a aribitrary government system” said the victim.

Zawmadat, Maung Daw Township (Photo: Google Map)
Zawmadat, Maung Daw Township (Photo: Google Map)