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News in Short: Reports on Recent Atrocities in Maung Daw

News in Short: Reports on Recent Atrocities in Maung Daw
August 28
09:24 2013

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August 28, 2013

1- Rakhine Police’s Money Extortion

On 14th August 2013, Rakhine Police from Taman Tha Station arbitrarily extorted Kyat 100,000 from two Rohingyas, Zafar Alam S/o Lukhman and Ali Ahmed S/o Abdu Zabbor, hail from Liang Thi (Tun Chaung), Northern Maung Daw. The accusation against them was that they traffick people to other countries. That was absolutely false. (Report by MYARF)

2- Military’s Money Extortion

On 17th August 2013, a few military personnel from Ka-Mauk-Seik Battalion, Northern Maung Daw, raided the house of Zakir Hussain S/o Amir Bakshu and arrested his son, Noor Amin. Then, they detained Noor Amin in their custody accusing him of illegally going to Bangladesh. They arbitrarily extorted Kyat 260,000 for his release. (Report by MYARF)

3- Rakhine Police Looted A Rohingya Shop

At 5PM on 19th August 2013, three Police officers from Maw-Ywa Camp at Daung Khali (Pa-Nyaung-Pin-Gyi) in southern Maung Daw entered a mosque with their shoes on. Then, they kicked the cupboard in the mosque and abused the people around. While they were leaving, on their way, they kicked a 12-year-old boy severely leaving him (the boy) injured.

At 8PM, they came again and looted Kyat 10,000 from the shop of Mr Halim S/o Mr Ismile and destroyed other goods and stocks worth at least Kyat 160,000. (Report by MYARF)

4- Maung Daw Municipality’s Arbitrary Taxation

Since 20th August 2013, Deputy Director of Maung Daw Municipal Department, U Maung Tha Chay, is forcing Rohingya shopkeepers in Maung Daw to pay untimely tax money. Normally, tax is made once in a year (i.e. once in 12 months). Now, he is trying to collect the tax only after 8 months. He is arbitrarily shortening the taxation period only for Rohingya shopkeepers. He warned “if anyone fails to pay tax, his or her shop will be locked down.” Now, even small footstalls have to make payment of huge amount of tax to the Municipal department. (Report By Sindhi Khan)

5- Atrocities by Hlun Htein (Security Force) in Northern Maung Daw

On 21st August 2013, in Leikya (Kumir Khali), northern Maung Daw, the vice commander of Hlun Htein (Security Force) of Cantonment 2, Zaw Myint Aung, tortured 10 Rohingya fishermen severely and extorted Kyat 282,000 in total. He tortured the following people just because they failed to make kyat 5000 extortion money for a weekly outing for fishing to the Naff river.

1) Belal S/o Mohammed Hussain (Age-28)

2) Dula Meah S/o Ali Johar (Age-24)

(1 and 2 From Zumkhta, Kumir Khali and Extorted Amount Kyat 36,000)

3) Ayub S/o Mohammed (Age-29)

4) Syedul Amin S/o Abu Bakr (Age-27)

(3 and 4 From South Kumir Khali and Extorted Amount Kyat 36,000)

5) Basa Meah S/o Ali Madan (Age-40)

6) Ayas S/o Badiur Rahman (Age-26)

7) Salah Meah S/o Fazal Ahmed (Age-27)

8) Sayyidul Amin S/o Abdu Jalil (Age-18) (extorted amount: Kyat 20,000)

9) Shuna Meah S/o Omar Ali (Age- 35) (extorted amount: Kyat 5,000)

10) Ziaur Rahman S/o Abdul Qadir (Age- 20) (extorted amount: Kyat 5,000)

[5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 From Shil Khali (Kyauk Chaung)]

(Report on the condition of anonymity)




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