msa August 26, 2013

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August 26, 2013

1- A Muslim Houses Razed by Buddhists in Pantanaw Tsp, Irrawady Division

This (on 26th August 2013) afternoon, a Muslim house in Pantanaw township of Irrawady Divsion was burnt down by some local Buddhist extremists.

“Buddhists were celeberating on their Buddhist Religion Day. They were dancing, singing and playing Music in extremely high volume in front of the central Mosque in Pantanaw Tsp.

As the time for Zuhur (Muslim’s Afternoon) Prayer approached, a Muslim in charge of the mosque affairs asked them to lower the volume. So, an argument began. The Buddhists dissatisfied by a Muslim’s insistence to lower the Music volume went rampage and subseqquently burnt down a Muslim’s house.

Authority has taken no action yet” says local source.

2- Buddhists Attempting to Trigger Violence in Taung Okkalapa, Yangon

It has been reported that since this (26th August 2013) morning, Buddhists from 969 terror gangs are attempting to create unrests and violence against Muslims in Taung Okkalapa township, Yangon division. The 969 memebers in the township includes many Bamas and Rakhines.

3- Around 1000 Rakhines Attended Anti-Muslim Assembly in Than Dwe

An anti-Muslim gathering took place at the monastery of Thin-Gwin Kyaung (or Lay-Myat-Na Kyaung) in Than Dwe Township, Arakan state, today (i.e. on 26th August 2013). Around 1000 Rakhines, mostly Rakhine leaders, from different parts of Arkan attended the assembly. The meeting went on from 1:30PM to 3:30PM.

After the meeting, some Rakhines left and some others stayed back. Since then, they have been over celeberating and annoying the neighboring Muslims. However, there have not any physical assults on Muslims yet. But the Muslims worried of the situation have informed the authority. There are security in the twonship but not sufficient enough to control the situation in case of any violence by Rakhine extremists.

Reports compiled by M.S. Anwar