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Never-Ending Savageries and Atrocities Against Rohingyas

Report by MYARF | Writtten by M.S. Anwar

Maung Daw | September 17, 2013

1- Open Discrimination against Rohingyas

Around 5PM on 15th August 2013, a Rohingya named Mohammed Ali from the village of Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung), Maung Daw Township, was taking care of his cattle in the farms nearby the village. Meanwhile, two Military personnel and other two Natala Rakhines from the nearby Rakhine village called ‘Shwe Yin Aye’ arrived and attempted to snatch an Ox from his cattle. Seeing that, Abdu Salam S/o Nurul Haque (Age 25), a volunteer teacher in the school of the village, asked the military why they were trying to rob the ox. Suddenly, the military and Rakhines started beating him with their guns and rods. Therefore, his head started bleeding!

Around 6:30PM, the administrator of the village and Abdu Salam went to the village of Shwe Yin Aye to meet the captain of the military squadron. The administrator asked the captain why the innocent Abdu Salam was severely beaten by his officers. Instead of consoling the victim, the captain inhumanely replied “it was me who had asked these officers to treat you people so. The land is not yours but ours. We are the citizens and you are intruders. If your people come to our lands, they will face similar incidents.” Afterwards, having extorted Kyat 20,000, the military returned the Ox to the owner.

In 2003, around 250 acres of Rohingyas’ ancestral lands were confiscated by the authority and handed over the newly settled NaTaLa Rakhines. Now, NaTaLa Rakhines are even harassing Rohingya villagers when they (Rohingyas) work on their remaining farm lands.

2-An Innocent Rohingya Arrested and Extorted Money from

Hamid Hussain S/o Wasiur Rahman (Age 35) is a religious scholar, from the village of Jeemaung Khali (Zeebyin Chaung), northern Maung Daw. At around 1:30AM on 7th Septemeber 2013, he was arrested in his father-in-law’s [Mohammed Islam S/o Wali Ahmed (Age 55)] home by Security Force (Hlun Htin) from the Chauk Chaung Outpost of the Kumir Khali (Leik-Ya) station (the then NaSaKa region 4). He was, then, transferred to the Taung Byo Police Station as he initially refused to pay the ransom money to the Security Force for his release. The police station, in turn, handed him over to the Maung Daw Police Station.

He was arrested for staying his father-in-law’s home without informing security force. According to the family of the victim, he had informed the village administration. Besides, the Security Force also accused him of having links with foreign militant groups. That is nothing but a false accusation.

Having penalished Kyat 1,000 as judicial fine and extorted more Kyat 1.2 Million on the other hand, Maung Daw Township Court released him on 9th September 2013.

3-Maung Daw Administration Orders to Stop Cross-Border Trading

Around 2PM on 15th September 2013, the administrator of Maung Daw Township summoned a meeting with the villagers of NgaKura (Nag-Pura) at the village administration office, northern Maung Daw. He, then, banned cross-border trading with Bangladesh. Anyone who is found trading across border is liable to three-year imprisonment according to his order.

Nowadays, Rohingyas in Maung Daw have to bring 70% of their food supplies, medicines and other necessary goods from Bangladesh because Rakhine extremists often block food and medicine supplies to the region. Besides, Rohingyas in the region have to go to Bangladesh for medical treatments because of travel restrictions in Myanmar and lack of treatments by Rakhine medical staffs in the hospitals in Arakan.

Now, if the new order is to be implemented, Rohingyas will face servere crises.

Maung Daw (Photo: Google Map)
Maung Daw (Photo: Google Map)