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Nearly 50% Rohingyas Affected by Uneven Aid Distribution in Bangladesh

By Rohingya Vision TV | 7th November 2017

Cox’s Bazar: More than 50% of the newly arrived Rohingyas are deprived from receiving aid provided by UNHCR and other aid organizations making them starving and lingering for all most all necessary things from housing to winter clothing, reports victims from different make shift camps.

In aid distribution by UNHCR each family were given 4 big bamboo along with 60 small bamboos to build a hut, which more than 50 % of the newly arrived Rohingyas did not receive. Beside those most of the people are in need of immediate winter clothing from blankets to sweaters and socks.

In most of the relief distribution the local authorities’ hired by UNHCR and other aid agencies were bribed so easily that 50 % of the aid is not going to the right hands. In a recent aid distribution each Rohingya family were provided with a mat, blanket and a cooking pots. Even those aid packages were bribed and nearly 40% of the people were not able to receive it.

Not only UNHCR other aid organizations also lack the even and proper aid distribution among the newly arrived Rohingyas and in ration distribution by World Food Program (WFP) local authorities were also heard to be taking bribes and instead of receiving rice every 15 days, Rohingyas can hardly receive rice once in a month with the ration card provided by the WFP.

Although world aid organizations and international community are raising a vast hand towards this ongoing military made catastrophe, lack of administration and bribing at each level is accelerating the Rohingyas starving level day by day.

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