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Nearly 100 Rohingya families Entirely Uprooted From Rathedaung

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 18th November 2017

Rathedaung: An estimated no. of 100 Rohingya families have been forcefully uprooted from different villages of Rathedaung Township between 16th – 17th November, 2017, reports suffering locals.

Rohingya villages from Rathedaung Township have been entirely uprooted since 25th August, 2017, where among 24 villages hardly 4 villages exist after the massive attack and burned down.

Moghs (Rakhine) and Murung along with government authorities have made the lives of the remaining Rohingya intolerable to live there. They are restricted from daily livelihood such as fishing and farming. Recently a fisherman was tortured and injured heavily while fishing and similar incidence took place when 4-5 Rohingya were harvesting their own crops.

Families and No. of People evacuated:

  1. 17/11/2017 : 25 families consisting of 260 people from Saudaing village
  2. 16/11/2017 : 45 families Consisting of 375 people from Saudaing village
  3. 16/11/2017 : 45 families Consisting of 250 people from AgaDong (Doinfara) village
  4. 16/11/2017 : 12 families Consisting of 63 people from Saudaing village

Beside the listed families there are hundreds of unreported cases of people being uprooted with threat, torture and fear from the village. According to the updates received from the shores and border area more than 1000 Rohingyas from Rathedaung  Township itself are trapped and lingering to cross over to Bangladesh since the beginning of unrest in the region.

“More than are 1000 people from our Rathedaung Township are trapped there without food and water and now more people fleeing towards the border with hope of crossing over is a disastrous situation. We don’t know what will be our fate, instead of inhumane torture here people are preferring to die on the sea” says a victim lingering with the situation.

Moghs (Rakhine) and Murung have persisted their looting in villages like Shilkhali (Cinkali), Sammoinna and Kyaung Maung of Maungdaw. They started looting rations to household goods from the Rohingya houses and are set free by the government authorities.

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