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Military Persecution Left 101 Rohingya Arrested

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 12th June 2018

Rathedaung: A boat carrying more than a hundred Rohingya was caught by Burmese Navy, whom were trying to flee military persecution in the Rathedaung Township yesterday (11th June, 2018), report sources.

Immense persecution and daily torture have left the few remaining Rohingya in Rathedunng Township unbearable to reside anymore in their ancestral land. At the water body from Sar Pyin Chay village track, this boat was caught by the Burmese navy.


Rohingya arrested by Burmese Navy, while feeling military persecution in Rathedaung. Image: RVISION TV

The boat carried 101 Rohingya, including females and children. According to locals’ information, those were all Rohingya, mostly hailing from Rathedaung Township. They decided to take this perilous journey, due to unbearable military persecution, since late 2017.

Details and aftermath of the arrest incidence is not yet unfolded.

Since the beginning of unrest, Rathedaung is among the initial township that has been affected by the state-sponsored attack of the Burmese regime.

Rathedaung Township was destructed completely leaving only Muzai and Anaprang villages, since military operation from 25th August 2017. According to our archives, collateral damage in Rathedaung township is highest among the all townships in Arakan (Rakhine).

In latest wave of state-sponsored operation by the Burmese government, Rohingya lost their historical village of  Zay Di Pyin, that captured the existence of “Rohingya” long before the existence of Burma itself.




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