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National scene: Middle East supports RI on Rohingya rescue

To go with SEAsia migrants Indonesia children by Olivia Rondonuwu (FILES) In this file photograph taken May 19, 2015, Shahira Bibi, a severely malnourished Rohingya girl from Myanmar who remains unconscious at the hospital in Langsa in Aceh province is attended to by her mother Mimi and sister Asma. Beneath the swaying banana trees, there is nothing but a few plants to mark the resting place of three-year-old Shahira Bibi, who died on May 20, and the horror of the final weeks of her short life, at sea on a migrant boat. When the tiny Rohingya girl from Myanmar was finally rescued from the sinking vessel off Indonesia's western Aceh province, her body was already wracked with spasms and weighed no more than a six-month-old baby.Photo by AFPROMEO GACAD

National scene: Middle East supports RI on Rohingya rescue
June 01
04:22 2015

Foreign Minister Retno LP Marsudi spoke on Sunday of the support and assistance Indonesia had received from Middle Eastern countries regarding the thorny Rohingya issue in Southeast Asia during her 10-day tour of the Middle East last week.

Retno said several Middle Eastern countries had agreed to assist Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries regarding the issue.

“I brought up the Rohingya issue in every meeting I had. I spoke to the OIC [Organization of Islamic Cooperation] meeting. I also bilaterally met with certain Middle Eastern countries. Most of them have agreed to help,” Retno told reporters on Sunday in Senopati, South Jakarta.

Retno named several countries who had promised to provide assistance on the issue.

“Turkey is one that is ready to help the Rohingnya refugees,” she said, adding that the country was ready because it had plenty of experience in dealing with an influx of Syrian refugees. “Saudi Arabia has also agreed to help. They revealed the amount [of money] they had agreed to give. But we have to be sure [before we announce it].”

Other countries Retno said would provide assistance on the issue included Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“The emir of Qatar personally promised to donate US$50,000,000,” Retno said.

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