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Myanmar’s SaYaPha Extort Money from Innocent Rohingyas in Buthidaung


Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s SaYaPha (Defense Security Agency) based at Nyaung Chaung region in Buthidaung Township extorts money from the innocent Rohingya people in the region, according to the sources.

They carry out money extortion business, which is illegal like a legal business, under different pretexts. So, it has become very troublesome for the people living there.

“SaYaPha department in Nyaung Chaung village has been extorting from the innocent Rohingyas in the region for months under the different pretexts. For example, accusations like the use of Bangla phones! It has become too much for our people here” said an elderly Rohingya in the region.

It has been learnt that the SaYaPha carries out the money extortion with the help of the two local informers.

“They (SaYaPha) have two collaborators named Assadudin (son of) Futu and Rashid Ahmed. The SaYaPha also gave them a Bangla phone so that they can keep informing the SaYaPha about what is happening with Rohingyas in the region. Their phone number is 008801987873216.

They help the SaYaPha in extorting money from the innocent people. For example, they threatened a local Rohingya named Abul Hussein (son of) Abdu Sattar, 48, for money. Since Abul Hussein refused to give the money, the military based at the premise of the village’s administration office summoned him to their office and extorted 250,000 around 9:00PM on December 27.

Besides, the SaYaPha summoned him to their office. They beat him and extorted Kyat 200,000 blaming him why he refused to give the money at the first place” he added.

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